Two Cat Excavator 320's

Rise To The Challenge

Now is the time to get a new 320 or 323 Excavator! Why? Well, if you buy a new 320 or 323 Excavator, we'll include the following:

  1. Warranty
    What's peace of mind worth? For a limited time our Excavators will come with Cat EPP - 2year/2000 hour coverage, which gives you the highest level of comprehensive protection for powertrain, hydraulic and structural components.
  2. Maintenance
    Keep things running efficiently. We're also offering preventative maintenance 1-4 (first 1,000 hours), ensuring that vital filter changes get done on time and protect your Excavator's performance.

And if you purchase an additional attachment or GRADE with Assist technology, we'll also give you a $3,000 credit and a $1,000 rebate!



Rise to the Challenge
  • Every day you battle tough conditions, tight deadlines and the unexpected. Some heroes rise on the big screen and others build their stories from the ground up. Check out the Cat Excavator in the new Transformers: The Last Knight, in theatres now!

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