The PF-48 is a “fixed” controlled fell harvester head providing complete control of felled trees to the operator. This control allows the operator to cut and position trees during select thinning of hardwoods, the focal application for the PF-48, without damaging the residual stand. The one-of-a-kind four roller design has been field proven in tough hardwood applications for over 15 years resulting in a robust and well built product.


Height 83.0 in 2108.0 mm Less
Maximum Full Coverage Delimb Diameter 18.8 in 478.0 mm Less
Maximum Knife Opening 31.0 in 788.0 mm Less
Maximum Roller Opening 19.0 in 482.0 mm Less
Minimum Full Coverage Delimb Diameter 3.4 in 86.0 mm Less
Weight 4600.0 lb 2090.0 kg Less
Width (arms closed) 52.0 in 1321.0 mm Less
Width (arms open) 62.0 in 1577.0 mm Less


- Bar Length 34.0 in 864.0 mm Less
- Maximum Chain Speed 51.0 ft/sec 16.0 m/sec Less
- Maximum Diameter Cut 24.0 in 610.0 mm Less
Chain Oil Tank Capacity 4.5 gal 17.0 L Less
Chain Tensioning Automatic Automatic Less
Control & Measuring System Joral Joral Less
Delimb Pressure Adjustable Adjustable Less
Electrical System Voltage 12 or 24 12 or 24 Less
Feed Roller Motors 2 2 Less
Feed Rollers 4 4 Less
Floating or Fixed top Delimb Knife Fixed Fixed Less
Hydraulic Flow Requirement Minimum 35.0 gal/min 132.0 L/min Less
Hydraulic Pressure Requirement Maximum 4090.0 psi 282.0 bar Less
Main Saw - Bar Pitch/Type 0.75 in 19.0 mm Less
Maximum Feed Force (w/ std. motor) 7500.0 lb 33.0 kN Less
Maximum Feed Speed (w/ std.motor) 14.2 ft/sec 4.3 m/sec Less
Motor Size 934 cc (780cc opt) 934 cc (780cc opt) Less
Movable Delimb Arms 2 2 Less
Roller Motor Brand Poclain MS08 Poclain MS08 Less
Roller Motor Type Radial Piston Radial Piston Less
Rotator Caterpillar Caterpillar Less
Rotator Rotation (°) - Non Continuous 360 - Hose Limited 360 - Hose Limited Less
Stump Spray System Optional Optional Less
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