Cat® HF Felling Heads are designed to cut and bunch awide variety of tree species in almost any application.A continuous spinning high speed saw disc maximizes inertia providing excellent cutting performance. They offer increased production over bar saw and shear type felling heads. The right combination of felling head and track feller buncher model optimizes cutting and bunching capability and increases production.

Weight - Partial Tilt / Full Tilt 3783 kg (8,340 lb) / 4182 kg (9,220 lb) 3783 kg (8,340 lb) / 4182 kg (9,220 lb) Less
Height 119.0 in 3020.0 mm Less
Width (Base) 71.0 in 1800.0 mm Less
Accumulation Area 5.5 sq ft 0.51 sq m Less
Maximum Cut Diameter 24.4 in 620.0 mm Less
Disc Diameter 61.0 in 1549.0 mm Less
Kerf - No of Teeth 58.8 mm (2 5/16 in) - 18 58.8 mm (2 5/16 in) - 18 Less
Saw Motor 160 cc Variable Displacement Piston 160 cc Variable Displacement Piston Less
Saw Speed 1175.0 RPM 1175.0 RPM Less
Saw Hydraulic - F/P 113 L/m (30 gpm) / 310 bar (4,500 psi) 113 L/m (30 gpm) / 310 bar (4,500 psi) Less
Arm Cylinder - F/P Cushioned - 190 L/m (50 gpm), 220 bar (3200 psi) Cushioned - 190 L/m (50 gpm), 220 bar (3200 psi) Less
Tilt, Partial and Full - F/P 190 L/m (51 gpm), 260 bar (3770 psi) 190 L/m (51 gpm), 260 bar (3770 psi) Less
Throat Opening 44.0 in 1118.0 mm Less
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