Hydraulic Power Extendible Asphalt Screed

Ease of operation, high-efficiency LPG or electric heating systems provide great flexibility on job sites.

Screed Plates

Screed smoothing plates deliver a high-quality mat and a long service life.

End Gates

Easy-to-adjust end gates ensure a good joint with the adjacent mat.

Extensions Configuration

Maximum paving width of 7500 mm with mechanical extensions provides the maximum flexibility on job sites.

Screed Plate Heating Systems

The AS3251 offers an LPG screed plate heating system or an electric screed plate heating system.Both systems are highly efficient and provide fast warm-up.

The LPG heating system features eight high-energy burners and optimum thermostatic temperature control.

The electric heating system features a tractor-mounted generator, replaceable heating elements and operator friendly controls.

Generator System (Tractor Option)

The generator system supplies power to the optional electric screed heat providing high reliability.

Auxiliary Rear Control Panel (Tractor Option)

The right-hand auxiliary rear control panel provides full control for tamper and vibrators frequencies, screed assist & counterbalance adjustment and augers group raising/lowering.

Screed Control Panels

The modular patented main screed control panels are mounted on each side of the screed. The left and right control panels include extensions in-out, paving thickness control, augers & conveyor switches, adjusting working range potentiometer and emergency & horn buttons.


Optimum productivity, reliability and serviceability provided in a durable package.


Crown adjustment -2.5% - 4.5% -2.5% - 4.5% Less
Extension packages 250-710 mm 250-710 mm Less
Heating system LPG/Electric LPG/Electric Less
Maximum Tamper frequency 1700.0 RPM 1700.0 RPM Less
Maximum Vibrator frequency 3400.0 RPM 3400.0 RPM Less
Screed plates length 1.31 in. 400.0 mm Less
Screed plates thickness 0.59 in. 15.0 mm Less
Weight for basic Tamper and Vibrator configuration 8157.09 lb 3700.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Maximum Paving Width 24.61 ft 7.5 m Less
Minimum Paving Width 8.2 ft 2.5 m Less
Standard Paving Width 8.2 ft 2.5 m Less


Height 4.99 ft 1520.0 mm Less
Maximum Width 8.96 ft 2730.0 mm Less
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