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The AS2252C Vers-A-Mat screed offers narrow, front-mounted extenders to simplify paving width adjustment and minimize hand work.


Extender Mounting Front-mounted Front-mounted Less
Screed Type Vibratory Vibratory Less


Weight with Electric Heat 6000.0 lb 2721.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Width Range 2.5-4.44 m (8.2-14.5 ft) 2.5-4.44 m (8.2-14.5 ft) Less
Maximum Paving Width 20.3 ft 6.2 m Less
Crown Adjustment +10% to -3% +10% to -3% Less
Heating System Electric Electric Less
Maximum Vibrator Frequency 3000 vpm 3000 vpm Less
Minimum Paving Width 6.17 ft 1.88 m Less


Height 4.6 ft 1.4 m Less
Length, Front to Back, Endgates Attached 6.75 ft 2.06 m Less
Length, Front to Back, Endgates Removed 4.33 ft 1.3 m Less
Minimum Width, Endgates Attached 9.0 ft 2.76 m Less
Minimum Width, Endgates Removed 8.9 ft 2.74 m Less
Screed Plates Thickness 0.5 in 13.0 mm Less
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Extenders 9.0 in 229.0 mm Less
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Main Screed 18.0 in 457.0 mm Less

Narrow Front-Mounted Extenders

The narrow front-mounted extenders provide even material flow and reduced handwork when paving around obstacles.

Screed Plates

The screed plates deliver a high-quality mat and a long service life. The narrow screed plate design on the extenders provides minimal handwork in commercial applications.

End Gates

Easy grip handles and dual-bolt guides provide smooth height adjustments to ensure good joint-matching capabilities.

Screed Controls

A state-of-the-art electric heating system with easy-to-use controls that are located in the right place, allow the operator to make quick adjustments.


Access to the screed plate adjusters and screed controller provides quick and easy service.

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