With a single operator, the BB621E meets all requirements for small and medium sized jobsites. Easy, simplified driving - with controls which give precise, immediate response. The BB621E is a compact, extremely versatile paver finisher, ideal for small jobsites in urban centers. For sidewalks, cycle paths, playgrounds, trench back filling and all maintenance and repair work, where it shows its notable qualities and features. This paver is designed to operate in limited spaces, thanks to its compactness and exceptional maneuverability.


Operating Weight with Screed 9921.0 lb 4500.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Width Less
Paving Width Minimum 1.64 ft 500.0 mm Less
Paving Width Maximum 11.15 ft 3400.0 mm Less


Gross Power 45.7 hp 34.1 kW Less
Bore 3.31 in 84.0 mm Less
Stroke 3.94 in 100.0 mm Less
Displacement 134.25 in3 2.2 L Less
Engine Model Cat C2.2 Cat C2.2 Less


Track Contact Length 4.66 ft 1.42 m Less
Overall height 8.53 ft 2600.0 mm Less
Length with push roller & screed 13.25 ft 4.04 m Less
Transport Height 5.91 ft 1.8 m Less
Transport width (hoppers raised) with end gates with screed 5.25 ft 1.6 m Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 17.17 gal 65.0 L Less
Hydraulic Oil Tank 19.28 gal 73.0 L Less
Cooling System 4.49 gal 17.0 L Less

Drive System

Maximum Paving Speed 108.27 ft/min 33.0 m/min Less
Maximum Travel Speed 1.99 mph 3.2 km/h Less


Hopper Capacity 109.48 ft3 3.1 m3 Less


The machine’s tracked undercarriage, fitted with heavy-duty rubber bonded pads, provides excellent stability and weight distribution minimising the negative effect of an uneven base. Track tension is assured by two grease pistons with a shock absorbing system.

Cat C2.2 Engine

Reliable Cat C2.2 engine provides ample power and is EU Stage IIIb emissions compliant.

RB260 Electric Screed

The electric heated screed is powered by an onboard generator with independent temperature control in all four sections. Three heating elements for each screed section ensure uniform heating over the entire screed plate.

Material Feeding System

The hoppers are hydraulically operated and independently controlled facilitating applications close to walls or other vertical objects. The asphalt mix is carried to the screed by a heavy-duty steel conveyor and is distributed by two independently controlled augers, with reversible rotation. Three automatic material feed sensors provide correct amount of material to the screed. Augers can be hydraulically raised to avoid obstacles, facilitate machine loading on trailer and assembly of the paving width reduction option group. Conveyor and augers are reversible.

Operator's Platform

The operator drives the paver from the platform positioned behind the screed. The console panel is fully equipped with comprehensive controls allowing a single operator to conveniently monitor all machine functions. The operator platform is fitted with an operator presence detector enabling machine functions when the operator is in the driving position.


The BB621E ensures excellent access to all machine parts requiring scheduled maintenance. Large access doors provide quick and easy inspection of main components.

BB621E Optional Equipment

Contacting Grade Sensor

Slope Control

Central Paving Width Reduction Package - 0.5 m to 1.40 m

Right Side Paving Width Reduction Package - 0.15 m to 1.00 m

Mechanical (bolt-on) extensions to reach 3.40 m paving width

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