Caterpillar 3116TA Diesel Engine

The Caterpillar 3116TA is a high-tech six cylinder diesel engine designed to provide quiet performance, high reliability, easy servicing and excellent fuel economy.

Hydrostatic Drive System

The efficient hydraulic drive system eliminates chains and other mechanical linkages between diesel engine and final drive components.

Operator's Station

The single operator's station is designed for comfort and optimum efficiency.

Control Console

Full instrumentation package keeps operator informed of all major systems status.

Exclusive Feeder/Auger Control System

The exclusive feeder/auger control system provides precise mix delivery through the most advanced material handling system.

Gateless Feeders

Slower running feeders reduce wear and segregation.

Adjustable Height Auger Assembly

The adjustable height auger assembly promotes mat consistency and minimizes segregation.

Feeder Design Improves Mix Flow

Tunnel construction helps minimize segregation.


The track system of the BG-245C is designed for superior ride quality.


Simplified service means more paving and less maintenance time.

BG-245C Optional Equipment

  • Oscillating Push Rollers
  • Truck Hitch
  • Lighting Package
  • Hazard Light
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank
  • 6 kW or 8kW Generators
  • Deflector Kit
  • High Ambient Cooling Kit

Controls and References
  • Automatic Grade and Slope Controls
  • Auger/Feeder Control Sensors
  • Rigid Ski
  • Outboard Leveler
  • Inboard Leveler
  • Mobile Stringline
  • Fore 'N Aft Leveler

  • Extend-A-Mat 10-20B Screed
  • AS2301 Screed
  • Pavemaster 10B Screed


The BG-245C is a high-production track paver designed for interstates, highways, subdivisions, airports and other similar sized projects. It is effective on new construction projects because of its track undercarriage.


Tractor Weight 35300.0 lb 16015.0 kg Less
Operating Weight (with Extend-A-Mat 10-20B Screed) 42500.0 lb 19250.0 kg Less
Operating Weight (with AS2301 Screed) 43140.0 lb 19370.0 kg Less
Operating Weight (with Pavemaster 10B Screed) 38900.0 lb 17620.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Paving Width Minimum 8.0 ft 2440.0 mm Less
Paving Width Maximum 24.17 ft 7370.0 mm Less


Gross Power 174.0 hp 130.0 kW Less
Net Power (ISO 9249) 158.0 hp 118.0 kW Less
Net Power (SAE J1349) 158.0 hp 118.0 kW Less
Bore 4.12 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less
Displacement 403.0 in3 6.6 L Less
Flywheel Power 158.0 hp 117.82 kW Less
Engine Model Cat® 3116TA Cat® 3116TA Less
Net Power (EEC 80/1269) 158.0 hp 118.0 kW Less


Track Contact Length 10.0 ft 3.05 m Less
Length with push roller & Extend-a-Mat B Screed 21.58 ft 6579.0 mm Less
Length with push roller & Pavemaster B Screed 20.0 ft 6096.0 mm Less
Length with truck hitch & Extend-A-Mat B Screed 23.17 ft 7061.0 mm Less
Length with truck hitch & Pavemaster B Screed 21.58 ft 6579.0 mm Less
Operating Width with Extend-A-Mat B Screed 10.92 ft 3327.0 mm Less
Operating width with Pavemaster B Screed 10.92 ft 3327.0 mm Less
Overall height 11.08 ft 3378.0 mm Less
Transport width (hoppers raised) with end gates with Extend-A-Mat B Screed 10.92 ft 3327.0 mm Less
Transport width (hoppers raised) with end gates with Pavemaster B Screed 10.92 ft 3327.0 mm Less
Transport width (hoppers raised) with out end gates with Extend-A-Mat B Screed 10.0 ft 3048.0 mm Less
Transport width (hoppers raised) without end gates with Pavemaster B Screed 10.0 ft 3048.0 mm Less
Transport height (muffler removed) 9.08 ft 2769.0 mm Less
Inside Turning Radius 3.0 ft 914.0 mm Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 75.0 gal 284.0 L Less
Hydraulic Oil Tank 40.0 gal 151.4 L Less
Cooling System 8.3 gal 31.5 L Less

Drive System

Maximum Paving Speed 200.0 ft/min 60.1 m/min Less
Maximum Travel Speed 5.0 mph 8.0 km/h Less


Hopper Capacity 215.0 ft3 6.1 m3 Less
Truck Entry Width 10.42 ft 3182.0 mm Less
Truck Dump Height 2.0 ft 610.0 mm Less
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