Net Power - SAE J1349 75.0 hp 56.0 kW Less
Engine Model (Standard) Cat 3054T Diesel Engine Cat 3054T Diesel Engine Less
Gross Power - SAE J1995 78.0 hp 59.0 kW Less
Gross Power (Optional) - SAE J1995 84.0 hp 63.0 kW Less
Displacement 244.09 in3 4.0 L Less


Operating Weight - Maximum 21389.0 lb 9700.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Nominal 13892.0 lb 6300.0 kg Less


Dig Depth - Standard 14.5 ft 4420.0 mm Less
E-Stick Extended 18.16 ft 5545.0 mm Less
Reach from Swing Pivot - Standard 18.5 ft 5639.0 mm Less
E-Stick Retracted 18.67 ft 5682.0 mm Less
E-Stick Extended 21.9 ft 6680.0 mm Less
Bucket Rotation 43.0 Degrees 163.0 Degrees Less
Bucket Dig Force - Standard 3000.0 lb 20700.0 kN Less
E-Stick Retracted 7704.0 lb 34.3 kN Less
E-Stick Extended 7836.0 lb 34.9 kN Less
Stick Dig Force - Standard 9894.0 lb 4488.0 kN Less
E-Stick Retracted 8839.0 lb 4010.0 kN Less
E-Stick Extended 18.5 lb 5639.0 kN Less
Stick Lift @ 2440 mm (8 ft) - Standard 11.42 lb 3483.0 kg Less
E-Stick Retracted 5.83 lb 1764.0 kg Less
E-Stick Extended 5780.0 lb 2622.0 kg Less


Bucket Capacity - General Purpose 8.66 yd3 2650.0 m3 Less
Bucket Width - General Purpose 2.42 ft 730.0 mm Less
Dump Height @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 4.0 ft 105.0 mm Less
Dump Reach @ Max Angle - Single Tilt 89.0 ft 2262.0 mm Less
Dig Depth - Single Tilt 1.25 in 0.96 mm Less
Bucket Breakout Force - Single Tilt 35.42 lb 10795.0 kN Less

Hydraulic System

Circuit Type Closed center Closed center Less
System Pressure 3002.28 psi 20700.0 kPa Less
Pump Type Variable flow, axial piston Variable flow, axial piston Less

Service Refills

Fuel Tank 33.81 gal 128.0 L Less
Engine Oil w/Filter 1.93 gal 7.3 L Less
Rear Axle 6.34 gal 24.0 L Less
Front Axle, 4WD 1.98 gal 7.5 L Less
Hydraulic System 20.87 gal 79.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 10.04 gal 38.0 L Less

Axle Ratings

Front Axle, 2WD, Static 30313.53 lb 13750.0 kg Less
Dynamic 6982.03 lb 3167.0 kg Less
Rear Axle, Static 61222.3 lb 27770.0 kg Less
Dynamic 20414.78 lb 9260.0 kg Less

Loader Versatility

The Cat® single-tilt loader continues to be the best in its class — with fast cycle times and large payloads.

Operator Station

A new level of comfort and visibility has been achieved in the 416C cab. The operator has total machine control in a comfortable environment.

Power Train

Designed for strength, performance, and versatility.

Excavator-style Backhoe

The excavator-style backhoe has the ability to reach over obstacles.

Load-sensing Hydraulic System

Power where you need it, when you need it, at any engine speed.

Other Special Features

Optional Power-Shift transmission allows direction and speed changes to be made with a single lever.

Complete Customer Support

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