Vibratory System

The pod-style vibratory system delivers superior compactive force while offering serviceability advantages.

Proprietary Eccentric Weights

Reliable dual amplitude selection and innovative design of the proprietary eccentric weights ensures precise performance.

Caterpillar 3054C Series Diesel Engine

The high-tech four cylinder Caterpillar 3054C engine provides outstanding durability, performance, reliability and operating economy.

Dual Pump Propel System

The dual pump propel system offers high tractive effort and gradeability for outstanding productivity and machine control in demanding environments.

Gradeability and Machine Control

The exclusive dual pump propel system provides superior performance, machine control and excellent grade climbing capability.

Sloped Hood Design

The sloped fiberglass hood design provides good service access and exceptional operator visibility.

Open Platform with ROPS/FOPS Canopy

The platform of the CS-433E is equipped with a ROPS/FOPS canopy and is enclosed by handrails and features foot rests for sure footing and support when working on a grade.

Operator’s Station

The operator's station is ergonomically designed for maximum operator productivity while offering excellent visibility and unmatched comfort.

ROPS/FOPS Cab (Optional)

The optional ROPS/FOPS cab can increase machine utilization and provides greater year-round comfort in extreme environment conditions.

Padfoot Shell Kit (Optional)

An optional padfoot shell kit expands the application range of the CS-433E to work in either cohesive or semi-cohesive material.

Leveling Blade (Optional)

The leveling blade option for the CS-433E increases machine versatility and utilization, plus greatly enhances productivity.


The CS-433E Soil Compactor provides exceptional reliability and serviceability that you've come to expect from Caterpillar.


The Caterpillar CS-433E vibratory soil compactor has a durable Cat power train, field-proven hydraulic and vibratory systems and the world's largest and most dedicated dealer support system.


Operating Weight with ROPS/FOPS 14875.0 lb 6745.0 kg Less
Operating Weight without ROPS/FOPS 14370.0 lb 6515.0 kg Less
Shipping weight w/ROPS/FOPS 14700.0 lb 6665.0 kg Less
Weight at Drum with ROPS/FOPS 7515.0 lb 3410.0 kg Less
Weight at Drum without ROPS/FOPS 7405.0 lb 3360.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Blade Cutting Depth 3.0 in 76.0 mm Less
Curb Clearance 14.8 in 375.0 mm Less
Drum Width 66.93 in 1700.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 15.9 in 403.0 mm Less
Travel Speed - Maximum 7.1 mph 11.5 km/h Less
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge 120.08 in 3050.0 mm Less
Turning Radius Outside Drum Edge 186.22 in 4730.0 mm Less


Gross Power 100.0 hp 75.0 kW Less
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Engine Model Cat® 3054C Cat® 3054C Less
Net Power - EEC 80/1269 96.0 hp 72.0 kW Less
Net Power - ISO 9249 96.0 hp 72.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAEJ1349 96.0 hp 72.0 kW Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less


Blade height 22.0 in 559.0 mm Less
Drum Diameter - Over Drum 48.0 in 1225.0 mm Less
Height w/ROPS/FOPS 115.35 in. 2930.0 mm Less
Overall Length 195.28 in 4960.0 mm Less
Overall Length w/Blade 210.24 in 5340.0 mm Less
Overall Width 70.87 in 1800.0 mm Less
Wheelbase 102.36 in 2600.0 mm Less
Width with Blade 82.68 in 2100.0 mm Less

Vibratory System

Centrifugal Force - Maximum 30000.0 lb 134.0 kN Less
Centrifugal Force - Minimum 15000.0 lb 67.0 kN Less
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.066 in 1.67 mm Less
Nominal Amplitude - Low 0.033 in 0.84 mm Less
Vibratory Frequency 1914.0 vpm 31.9 Hz Less


Tires 378 mm (14.9") x 610 mm (24") 6-ply floatation 378 mm (14.9") x 610 mm (24") 6-ply floatation Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 40.0 gal 153.0 L Less

CS-433E Optional Equipment

ROPS/FOPS Cab (air conditioning optional)

Sun Visor

Vibratory Gauge

Polyurethane Drum Scrapers

Smooth Drum Rear Steel Scraper

Cab Internal Rear View Mirrors

Variable Frequency

Padfoot Shell Kit

Operator Platform Lift Cylinder

Roll-Down Sun Screen for ROPS/FOPS Cab

Rotating Amber Beacon

Leveling Blade

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