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Strength from the past. Power for the future.™ The D10T combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at a lower cost-per-yard. Engineered for demanding work. The durable construction of the D10T is well suited for tough working conditions. Combined with the C27 engine for superior performance, fuel economy and meeting emission targets with the help of ACERT Technology, it keeps material moving with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat tractors.


Engine Model Cat® C27 ACERT™ Cat® C27 ACERT™ Less
Flywheel Power 580.0 hp 433.0 kW Less
Bore 5.4 in 137.2 mm Less
Stroke 6.0 in 152.4 mm Less
Displacement 1647.6 in3 27.0 L Less
Gross Power SAE J1995 646.0 hp 482.0 kW Less
Gross Power - ISO 14396 632.0 hp 471.0 kW Less
Net Power 80/1269/EEC 580.0 hp 433.0 kW Less
Net Power SAE J1349/ ISO9249 580.0 hp 433.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249 Min Fan 603.0 hp 450.0 kW Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 318.0 gal 1204.0 L Less
Cooling System 39.9 gal 151.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase* 20.1 gal 76.0 L Less
Power Train 51.0 gal 193.0 L Less
Final Drives (each) 6.1 gal 23.0 L Less
Roller Frames (each) 16.9 gal 64.0 L Less
Pivot Shaft Compartment 8.7 gal 33.0 L Less


Operating Weight 146499.0 lb 66451.0 kg Less
Shipping Weight 106402.0 lb 48263.0 kg Less


Track Gauge 100.0 in 2.5 m Less
Width without Trunnions (Standard Shoe) 10.8 ft 3292.0 mm Less
Height (FOPS Cab) 13.44 ft 4098.0 mm Less
Height (Top of Stack) 14.78 ft 4505.0 mm Less
Overall Length Basic Tractor 17.52 ft 5339.0 mm Less
Length Basic Tractor with Winch 18.19 ft 5545.0 mm Less
Length with Single-Shank Ripper 23.23 ft 7081.0 mm Less
Length with Multi-Shank Ripper 23.76 ft 7241.0 mm Less
Overall Length (SU-Blade/SS Ripper) 30.05 ft 9158.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 26.14 in 664.0 mm Less
Drawbar Height (Center of Clevis) 34.02 in 864.0 mm Less
Length of Track on Ground 152.44 in 3872.0 mm Less


Shoe Type Extreme Service Extreme Service Less
Width of Shoe 24.0 in 610.0 mm Less
Shoes/Side 44 44 Less
Grouser Height 3.7 in 93.0 mm Less
Pitch 10.2 in 260.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 24.2 in 615.0 mm Less
Track Gauge 100.4 in 2550.0 mm Less
Length of Track on Ground 12.75 ft 3885.0 mm Less
Ground Contact Area 7326.0 in2 4.7 m2 Less
Track Rollers/Side 8 8 Less
Number of Carrier Rollers 1 per side (optional) 1 per side (optional) Less

Track Roller Frame

Oscillation 13.8 in 351.0 mm Less

Hydraulic Controls

Pump Type Gear Gear Less
Lift Cylinder Flow 107.0 gal/min 404.0 L/min Less
Tilt Cylinder Flow 30.0 gal/min 112.0 L/min Less
Bulldozer Relief Valve Setting 2725.0 psi 18790.0 kPa Less
Tilt Cylinder Relief Valve Setting 2950.0 psi 20340.0 kPa Less
Ripper (Lift) Relief Valve Setting 2725.0 psi 18790.0 kPa Less
Ripper (Pitch) Relief Valve Setting 2725.0 psi 18790.0 kPa Less
Tank Capacity 38.0 gal 144.0 L Less

Steering and Brakes

Hydraulically applied multiple-disk clutches diameter 15.4 in 392.0 mm Less


1 Forward 2.5 mph 4.0 km/h Less
2 Forward 4.5 mph 7.2 km/h Less
3 Forward 7.9 mph 12.7 km/h Less
1 Reverse 3.2 mph 5.2 km/h Less
2 Reverse 5.6 mph 9.0 km/h Less
3 Reverse 9.8 mph 15.8 km/h Less
1 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 225.0 lbf 1000.9 N Less
2 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 125.0 lbf 556.0 N Less
3 Forward - Drawbar Pull (1000) 69.0 lbf 306.9 N Less


Type 10SU 10SU Less
Capacity (SAE J1265) 24.2 yd3 18.5 m3 Less
Width (over end bits) 15.9 ft 4860.0 mm Less
Height 6.9 ft 2120.0 mm Less
Digging Depth 26.5 in 674.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 58.9 in 1497.0 mm Less
Maximum Tilt 39.1 in 993.0 mm Less
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 22551.0 lb 10229.0 kg Less
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 146499.0 lb 66451.0 kg Less
Type 10U 10U Less
Capacity (SAE J1265) 28.8 yd3 22.0 m3 Less
Width (over end bits) 17.25 ft 5260.0 mm Less
Height 6.9 ft 2120.0 mm Less
Digging Depth 26.5 in 674.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 58.9 in 1497.0 mm Less
Maximum Tilt 42.3 in 1074.0 mm Less
Weight* (without hydraulic controls) 23775.0 lb 10784.0 kg Less
Total Operating Weight** (with Blade and Single-Shank Ripper) 147723.0 lb 67006.0 kg Less


Total Operating Weight* (with SU-Blade and Ripper) 146499.0 lb 66451.0 kg Less
Type Single-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram Single-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram Less
Type Multi-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram Multi-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram Less
Added Length 5.77 ft 1760.0 mm Less
Added Length 5.8 ft 1760.0 mm Less
Number of Pockets 1 1 Less
Number of Pockets 3 3 Less
Overall Beam Width 115.0 in 2920.0 mm Less
Maximum Clearance Raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) 41.7 in 1058.0 mm Less
Maximum Clearance Raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) 41.1 in 1045.0 mm Less
Maximum Penetration (standard tip) 58.8 in 1494.0 mm Less
Maximum Penetration (standard tip) 34.5 in 876.0 mm Less
Maximum Penetration Force (shank vertical) 46086.0 lb 205.0 kN Less
Maximum Penetration Force (shank vertical) 46086.0 lb 205.0 kN Less
Pry out Force 93363.0 lb 415.3 kN Less
Weight (without hydraulic controls) 15690.0 lb 7117.0 kg Less
Pry out Force (Multi-Shank Ripper with one tooth) 93363.0 lb 415.3 kN Less
Weight (one shank, without hydraulic controls) 17566.0 lb 7968.0 kg Less
Additional Shank 1160.0 lb 526.2 kg Less
Total Operating Weight** (with SU-Blade and Ripper) 148375.0 lb 67302.0 kg Less


Winch Model Consult your Cat Dealer for installation arrangements. Consult your Cat Dealer for installation arrangements. Less

C27 Engine with ACERT™ Technology

Optimizes engine performance and meets emission regulations.

Operator Station

Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity.

Implement and Steering Controls

Reduced operator fatigue for increased performance.

Drive Train

Provides maximum efficiency in combination with the C27 engine.


Designed for optimized machine balance and the best performance.


Engineered for maximum production and service life.

Work Tools

Provide the flexibility to match the machine to the job.


The most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers.

Customer Support

The Cat Dealer network keeps your fleet up and running.

D10T Standard Equipment

  • Alternator, 95-amp
  • Back-up alarm
  • Batteries, 12-volt (2), 200 amp-hour, maintenance free
  • Converter, 12-volt, 10-amp
  • Diagnostic connector
  • Horn, forward warning
  • Light, engine compartment
  • Lighting system, Halogen
  • Starting receptacle

  • Advisor-electronic monitoring system
  • Armrest, adjustable
  • Cab, FOPS
  • Controls, electronic implement
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Finger Tip Control (FTC) steering
  • Governor switch, electronic
  • Heater and ventilation
  • Hydraulic system, electronically controlled for bulldozer control
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Radioready
  • Seat, adjustable contour suspension (gray fabric)
  • Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Steps, heavy-duty and Handles
  • Wipers, intermittent

  • 610 mm (24 inch) extreme service grouser with sealed and lubricated PPR track (44 section)
  • Rollers and idlers, lifetime lubricated
  • Sprocket rim segments, replaceable
  • Suspension-type undercarriage, Eight-roller tubular track roller frame
  • Track adjusters, hydraulic
  • Track guides
  • Two-piece master links

  • C27 with ACERT Technology
  • Advanced Modular Cooling System
  • Aftercooler, remote air-to-air
  • Air filters, dual with precleaner
  • Controlled throttle shifting
  • Coolant, extended life
  • Directional shift management
  • Ether starting aid, automatic
  • Fan, suction with hydraulic demand drive
  • Fuel priming pump, electric
  • Mufflers, dual, with rain cap
  • Parking brake, electronic
  • Prescreener
  • Separator, water/fuel
  • Thermal shields
  • Torque divider
  • Transmission, powershift, ECPC, (3F/3R speeds)
  • Four planet, double-reduction planetary final drives

  • Auto-blade assist (for dual tilt)
  • CD ROM parts book
  • Ecology drains
  • Engine enclosures
  • Grade control ready
  • Guards:
  • Implement gear pump compatible for arctic conditions
  • Product Link ready
  • Vandalism protection

D10T Optional Equipment

  • Alternator, 95A Ducted
  • Converter, 24V to 12V additional 15A
  • Supplemental lights:

  • Dozer tilt lines
  • Fan
  • Final drive (2 variations)
  • Power train
  • Undercarriage
  • Rear screen

  • Air conditioner (3 variations)
  • Visibility Arrangement (camera and mirrors)
  • Glass:
  • Operators arrangement (improves comfort for smaller operators)
  • Seat, vinyl
  • Seat, air suspension

  • Reversible cooling fan
  • Fast fuel system
  • Quick oil change system
  • Engine prelube
  • High debris radiator

  • Tracks, sealed and lubricated:
  • Rollers:

  • Cold weather arrangement
  • Stockpile arrangement
  • Waste handling arrangement

  • AutoCarry system
  • Dual tilt
  • 10SU Blade
  • 10SU Abrasion resistant blade
  • 10U Blade
  • 10U Abrasion resistant blade
  • AccuGrade system

  • Single shank (standard)
  • Single shank (deep)
  • Multi shank (standard)
  • Multi shank (deep)
  • Pin puller (single shank only)
  • Push block (single shank only)

  • Counterweights:
  • Drawbar
  • Winch (dealer installed)
  • Heater, engine coolant (2 variations)
  • Low temperature start
  • Sound suppression (2 variations)
  • Slope and side-slope monitor
  • Computer aided earthmoving system

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