345C UHD


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Flexible and Efficient Demolition: Increasing Productivity throughout the Process


Engine Model Cat® C13 ACERT™ Cat® C13 ACERT™ Less
Net Power 325.0 hp 239.0 kW Less
Ratings 1800.0 RPM 1800.0 RPM Less


Operating weight 147710.0 lb 67000.0 kg Less
Max tool weight (over the front) 5512.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Max tool weight (360°) 5512.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Machine weight (UHD configuration) 141537.0 lb 64200.0 kg Less
Machine weight (retrofit configuration) 135364.0 lb 61400.0 kg Less
Max tool weight (over the side) 5512.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less


Shipping length 701.0 in 17800.0 mm Less
Boom height 123.0 in 3120.0 mm Less
Cab height (with FOGS) 147.0 in 3720.0 mm Less
Shipping gauge (retracted position) 95.0 in 2400.0 mm Less
Working gauge (extended position) 119.0 in 3010.0 mm Less
Ground clearance 18.0 in 460.0 mm Less

Working Range

Max pin height 26 100-27 900 mm 1,028-1,098 in 26 100-27 900 mm 1,028-1,098 in Less
Max horizontal reach 16 400-18 150 mm 646-715 in 16 400-18 150 mm 646-715 in Less
Maximum allowable angle from vertical 25.0 Degrees 25.0 Degrees Less


Several major features make the Caterpillar Ultra High Demolition (UHD) models the most reliable machines in demolition applications.

Operator Comfort and Safety

Operator comfort and safety is critical in demolition applications.


Cat Ultra High Demolition (UHD) machines are designed for maximum productivity in all demolition applications.


The extreme versatility of the Cat Ultra High Demolition (UHD) models enable these machines to work in a wide range of applications, like truck loading.


Hydraulic adjustable undercarriage is standard on the 345C UHD.

Work Tools

The right work tools are critical when it comes to getting the best productivity and flexibility from a machine.

345C UHD Standard Equipment

Reinforced upper frame and heavier counterweight

Hydraulically tiltable cab (integrated into the upper frame)

Purpose-designed demolition cab, with impact-resistant front windshield, large high-resistant upper skylight, and FOGS

Front windshield and top window wipers

Boom Hook System with Hydraulic Quick Disconnects (330D) or face-to-face ball valves (345C, 365C, 385C)

Tool cylinder protection guard (sliding steel box)

Dedicated UHD tool linkage

Boom, stick and tool cylinder lowering control devices with Caterpillar SmartBoom™ system and overload warning device

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