The 345D L hydraulic excavator's high performance and rugged durability combine to maximize your productivity.


Engine Model Cat® C13 ACERT™ Cat® C13 ACERT™ Less
Net Flywheel Power 380.0 hp 283.0 kW Less
Net Power - ISO 9249 380.0 hp 283.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAE J1349 380.0 hp 283.0 kW Less
Net Power - EEC 80/1269 380.0 hp 283.0 kW Less
Bore 5.1 in 130.0 mm Less
Stroke 6.2 in 157.0 mm Less
Displacement 763.0 in3 12.5 L Less
Cylinders 6 6 Less


Operating Weight 100040.0 lb 45375.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Long Undercarriage 100040.0 lb 45375.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Long Variable 108610.0 lb 49265.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Max Reach at Ground Level 42.5 ft 12.96 m Less
Max Digging Depth 29.3 ft 8.92 m Less
Max Bucket Capacity 5.0 yd3 3.8 m3 Less
Nominal bucket weight 3880.0 lb 1762.0 kg Less
Bucket digging force - Normal 39300.0 lb 175.0 kN Less


Number of Shoes (each side) - Long Undercarriage 52 52 Less
Number of Track Rollers (each side) - Long Undercarriage 9 9 Less
Number of Carrier Rollers (each side) 2 2 Less

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 8.9 RPM 8.9 RPM Less
Swing Torque 109560.0 lb ft 148.5 kN·m Less


Maximum Travel Speed 2.9 mph 4.7 km/h Less
Maximum Drawbar Pull - Long Undercarriage 75920.0 lb 337.7 kN Less

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow (Total) 194.0 gal/min 734.0 L/min Less
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Normal 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Heavy Lift 5511.0 psi 38000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Swing 4550.0 psi 31400.0 kPa Less
Pilot System - Maximum Flow 11.0 gal/min 43.0 L/min Less
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 596.0 psi 4110.0 kPa Less
Boom Cylinder - Bore 6.3 in 160.0 mm Less
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 62.0 in 1575.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Bore 7.5 in 190.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Stroke (for Long Reach and Reach fronts) 70.0 in 1778.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Stroke (for Mass Excavation fronts) 69.2 in 1758.0 mm Less
TB Family Bucket Cylinder - Bore 6.3 in 160.0 mm Less
TB Family Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 53.4 in 1356.0 mm Less
UB Family Bucket Cylinder - Bore 6.7 in 170.0 mm Less
UB Family Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 55.0 in 1396.0 mm Less
Main Normal Relief Pressure 5080.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 186.0 gal 705.0 L Less
Cooling System 9.4 gal 35.5 L Less
Engine Oil 11.0 gal 42.0 L Less
Swing Drive (each) 2.6 gal 10.0 L Less
Final Drive (each) 4.0 gal 15.0 L Less
Hydraulic System (including tank) 150.0 gal 570.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 64.0 gal 243.0 L Less

Sound Performance

Performance ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90 Meets OSHA and MSHA Requirements ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90 Meets OSHA and MSHA Requirements Less


Brakes SAE J1026 APR90 SAE J1026 APR90 Less
Cab/FOGS SAE J1356 FEB 88 and ISO 10262-1998 SAE J1356 FEB 88 and ISO 10262-1998 Less

C13 Engine with ACERT™ Technology

Built for power, reliability, economy and low emissions.


Cat® hydraulics deliver power and precise control to keep material moving.

Operator Station

Designed for simple, easy operation, the 345D L allows the operator to focus on production.


Durable undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability.


The 345D L structural components are the backbone of the machine’s durability.

Boom, Sticks and Attachments

Designed for maximum flexibility to keep productivity and efficiency high on all jobs.

Work Tools

The 345D L has extensive selection of work tools to optimize machine performance.


A wide variety of optional and factory-installed attachments are available to enhance performance and improve job site management.

Service and Maintenance

Simplified service and maintenance save you time and money.

AccuGrade™ Grade Control System for Hydraulic Excavators

The AccuGrade Excavator System design integrates the scalable machine control & guidance system to optimize performance, reliability and productivity.

Complete Customer Support

Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

345D L Standard Equipment

Auto-lube ready

Auxiliary hydraulic valve and auxiliary pump drive location

  • Air conditioner, heater, defroster with automatic climate control
  • Ashtray with lighter
  • Bolt-on FOGS capability
  • Coat hook
  • Floor mat
  • Light, interior
  • Literature compartment
  • Monitor
  • Polycarbonate side windows
  • Positive filtered ventilation
  • Radio, AM/FM with two speakers
  • Seat belt, retractable
  • Seat, suspension, heated with high back and head rest
  • Skylight, openable, with sunshade
  • Storage compartment suitable for a lunch box cooler
  • Windshield wiper and washers (upper and lower)

Counterweight (9000 kg, 19,840 lbs)

  • Cat® C13 with ACERT™ Technology
  • Electric priming pump
  • Precleaner
  • Speed control, automatic
  • Water separator, fuel

Fine swing control

Fuel-Water separator

Heavy lift mode

High ambient cooling

Hydraulic neutralizer lever for all controls

Lights, working
  • Frame mounted
  • Boom, both sides
  • Cab mounted, two

Mirrors, frame and cab

Product Link PL321SR

S·O·SSM analysis, engine and hydraulic sampling ports

Swing parking brake, automatic

Swivel guard

  • Guiding guards, idler and center sections
  • Motor guards, track, heavy duty

Travel alarm

345D L Optional Equipment

Auxiliary controls
  • Circuit, hammer
  • System, tool control with medium pressure
  • System, tool control without medium pressure

Auxiliary hydraulic lines for Booms and Sticks

  • Long Reach 7.4 m (24'3")
  • Mass excavation 6.55 m (21'6")
  • Reach, Heavy-Duty 6.9 m (22'8")

Buckets (see pages 11,21,22 and 23)
  • Bucket linkage:
  • Bucket pin adapter kit, for using 345B series buckets
  • Bucket sidecutters and tips

  • Camera, rear view
  • Mounting, radio, 12V & 24V
  • Power supply, 7A - 12V (2)
  • Rear window emergency exit
  • Straight travel pedal
  • Sunscreen
  • WAVS ready

Check valves
  • Boom lowering
  • Stick lowering

  • Counterweight 7654 kg (16,760 lb)
  • Counterweight 7644 kg (16,760 lb) with counterweight removal for a total weight of 7915 kg (17,450 lb)
  • Counterweight 8700 kg (19,180 lb) with counterweight removal for a total weight of 9000 kg (19,840 lb)

  • Pin grabber type, controls, lines

  • Ether aid
  • Terminals, jump start

Fan, hydraulic, reversing

  • Falling Object, for cab
  • Front windshield
  • Heavy-duty, bottom
  • Vandalism protection
  • Guiding, track, full length
  • Guiding, track, sprocket end

Hand Control Pattern Changer

High intensity discharge lights
  • HID HD boom
  • HID Long reach boom

Machine Security System (MSS)

  • 2.5 m (8'2") Mass
  • 3.0 m (9'10") Mass
  • 3.35 m (11') Heavy-duty reach
  • 3.9 m (12'10") Long Reach/Heavy-duty reach
  • 4.3 m (14'1") Long Reach

  • Fixed
  • Variable
  • Wide variable
  • Track, GLT4
  • Track, PPR2
  • Idler, Cast

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