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Cat® trailer-mount knuckleboom loaders feature hydraulic systems that provides smooth performance and fuel efficiency. High swing torque, swing speed and lift capacity reduce cycle times and lower cost per ton. The heavy-duty booms and structures provide reliable operation and reduce service costs. Spacious work stations, excellent visibility, and ergonomic controls reduce operator fatigue, resulting in a more productive shift. A wide range of machine sizes with optional factory installed hydraulic packages are available to increase loader utilization. Options include bar slasher, circle saw slasher, delimber, carrier and grapple saw.


Gross Power 156.0 mm H2O 116.3 kg/mm Less
Cat® Diesel Engines C6.6 Tier 3 C6.6 Tier 3 Less
Engine RPM - Rated 2200.0 r/min 2200.0 r/min Less


Operating Weight 27900.0 lb 12655.0 kg Less
Counterweight 3300.0 lb 1496.8 kg Less
Operating Weight* 27900.0 lb 12655.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Knuckleboom Length 29.0 ft 8.8 m Less
Stabilizers (4) - Pad Size 55.8 cm × 55 cm (22 in × 23 in) 55.8 cm × 55 cm (22 in × 23 in) Less
Swing Bearing - Diameter - OD 43.0 in 109.2 cm Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel 73.0 gal (US) 276.3 l Less
Hydraulic 78.0 gal (US) 295.3 l Less

Hydraulic System

Flows at Rated Speed 193, 158, 124 L/min (51, 42, 33 gal/min) 193, 158, 124 L/min (51, 42, 33 gal/min) Less
Swing Speed 8.0 r/min 8.0 r/min Less
System Pressure 2750.0 psi 18960.0 kPa Less

Operator Station

Hydraulic Packages

Delimber-Slasher Package

Complete Customer Care

Complete Customer Care

Complete Customer Care

Complete Customer Care

Complete Customer Care

Complete Customer Care

529 Standard Equipment

  • Cat® C6.6 116.3 kW (156 hp) Tier 3 Compliant
  • Electrical
  • Pump Drive

  • 97.8 cm × 142.2 cm (38.5 in × 56 in) Right Side Mounted with Isolation Pads
  • Tinted Safety Glass Windows, Lexan Skylight, Sun Visor
  • Fully Adjustable Seat with Fold-up Armrest
  • Operator Protection Guard
  • Pressurized Cab with Heat/Air Conditioning
  • Integral Heat/AC Ductwork
  • Analog Gauges
  • Windshield Wiper/Washer
  • Horn
  • Defroster Fan
  • 12V Power Point
  • Dome Light
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Sliding Cab Window
  • Radio Ready (Speakers, AM/FM Antenna)

  • 3 In-line Gear Pumps, Pilot Pump
  • Swing Motor
  • Controls
  • Filtration
  • Swivel
  • Serviceability
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics

  • Boom
  • Grapple Mounting Knuckle
  • Lower Frame
  • Turntable Mounting

529 Optional Equipment

  • Electrical

  • AM/FM/CD Radio/Satellite Radio

  • Heels
  • DS Package with Standard Trailer

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