M325D MH/ M325D LMH


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The M325D MH and M325D LMH incorporates many innovations for excellent performance and durability.


Engine Model CAT® C7 ACERT™ CAT® C7 ACERT™ Less
ISO 9249 190.0 hp 140.0 kW Less
Displacement 439.0 in3 7.2 L Less
EEC 80/1269 204.0 hp 152.0 kW Less

Operating Specifications

Max. Travel Speed 12.0 mph 20.0 km/h Less
Max. Travel Speed 11.0 mph 18.0 km/h Less
Max Reach - 19' 8" Stick 47.0 ft 14326.0 mm Less
Max Reach - 24' 4" Stick 51.3 ft 15650.0 mm Less
Hyd Cab Riser Height 19.66 ft 5992.0 mm Less
Max reach 51.3 ft 15650.0 mm Less

Hydraulic System

Normal 5076.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Travel Circuit 5076.32 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Swing Mechanism 3988.54 psi 27500.0 kPa Less


Operating Weight 35261 kg (77737 lb) 35261 kg (77737 lb) Less
Upper 19290.0 lb 8750.0 kg Less
Counterweight 12787.0 lb 5800.0 kg Less
Undercarriage 24436.0 lb 11084.0 kg Less


High Range Max. Travel Speed 12.43 mph 20.0 km/h Less
Max. Drawbar Pull 35677.0 lb 158.7 kN Less


Shipping Height - Cab Tipped 15.6 ft 4750.0 mm Less
Shipping Width 9.81 ft 2990.0 mm Less
Width - Outriggers Down 15.96 ft 4864.0 mm Less
Shipping Length 40.05 ft 12208.0 mm Less
Tail Swing Radius 10.1 ft 3080.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 0.81 ft 248.0 mm Less
Counterweight Clearance 4.79 ft 1461.0 mm Less
Wheel Base 9.84 ft 3000.0 mm Less
Undercarriage Width 10.6 ft 3235.0 mm Less

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque 60628.0 lb ft 82.2 kN·m Less
Swing Speed 10.2 RPM 10.2 RPM Less

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 7.93 gal 30.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase with Filter 8.98 gal 34.0 L Less
Final Drive (each) 0.66 gal 2.5 L Less
Hydraulic System (including tank) 81.9 gal 310.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 137.0 gal 520.0 L Less


Drawbar Pull 35677.17 lb 158.7 kN Less


Outside of Tire 9678.45 ft 2950.0 m Less
Ground Clearance 9.76 in 248.0 mm Less

CAT® C7 Engine with ACERT™ Technology

ACERT™ Technology works at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance and provide low exhaust emissions to meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 emission regulations, with exceptional performance capabilities, fuel efficiency and proven reliability.

Operator Station

The new cab, equipped with a 2.6 m (8'6") hydraulic cab riser provide improved visibility and comfort. The new monitor is a full-color graphical display with enhanced functionality to provide a simple, comprehensive machine interface.


Caterpillar's design and manufacturing techniques deliver outstanding durability and service life. Booms and sticks, made up of welded box-section structures, are fabricated with thicker plates to withstand high stresses.


The hydraulics system provides efficient performance, unmatched in the industry, designed to provide reliability and outstanding controllability with increased lifting capacity. The Heavy Lift Mode maximizes lifting performance while maintaining excellent stability.

Work Tools - Attachments

Orange Peel Grapples and magnets are offered to maximize performance of the M325D MH and M325D LMH.

Complete Customer Service

Your Cat® dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment.

M325D MH/ M325D LMH Standard Equipment

  • 65 Ampere alternator
  • Light, genset box mounted
  • Lights, cab mounted (one)
  • Warning horn (front)
  • Heavy Duty Batteries

  • AM-FM Radio
  • 12V-7A power supply for radio and multipurpose socket
  • Ashtray with lighter
  • Beverage Holder
  • Interior Lighting
  • Coat Hook
  • Suspension seat with headrest
  • Wiring provision for electrical seat heating
  • Floor Mat
  • Positive filtered ventilation (pressurized cab)
  • Instrumental panel and gauges
  • Parking Brake
  • FOGS Guard
  • Sliding door window
  • Polycarbonate skylight
  • Sun shade for skylight and front windshield
  • Windshield wiper (parallel type) and washers
  • Alternate exit: hammer to break rear window glass
  • Automatic climate control with bi-level air conditioner, heater, and defroster
  • Tiltable steering column
  • Travel control pedals
  • Tiltable steering column
  • Storage compartment with cover suitable for lunch box
  • Neutral lever lockout for all controls
  • Adjustable pilot operated joystick type (wrist lever) controls each with 3 on/off buttons and 1 slider
  • Monitor -Full graphic and color display with language capability -Warning information, filter and fluid change information -Working hour information -Machine condition, error code, and tool mode setting information -Start up level check for hydraulic oil, engine oil, and engine coolant
  • Heavy lift mode selection

  • Cat C7 with ACERT™ Technology, 24-volt electric starting and air intake heater
  • Tier 3 emissions package
  • Radial seal air filters (330 mm/13") with double element, integrated cyclonic feature
  • Caterpillar® extended life coolant
  • Automatic engine speed control with push button return to idle
  • Water separator in fuel line
  • Muffler
  • Fuel economy mode

  • Creeper Speed
  • Exclusive 3 position transmission braking control
  • Four wheel hydrostatic drive with on-the-go shifting
  • Four independent or simultaneously controlled hydraulic stabilizers with single axis float pad
  • Fully hydraulic braking system
  • Hydraulic maximum speed limiter
  • Internal oil disk brakes
  • Lockable oscillating axle
  • Toolbox, left hand
  • Two wheel steer
  • Two Speed Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Wide steps on both sides

  • High pressure grapple open-close hydraulic circuit
  • Hydraulic and electric circuits for:

  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • Antifreeze
  • Cold weather starting aids
  • Cat 2.6 m (8'5") Hydraulically Adjustable Cab Riser
  • Counterweight for material handling
  • Heavy duty upper frame with bottom guards
  • Travel Alarm
  • Boom and stick regeneration circuit
  • Separate hydraulic filter with re-useable metal tube for the filter element-no drop oil filter
  • Automatic Swing Parking Brake
  • Fine swing control
  • Doors and cab lock with Caterpillar One Key Security System
  • Fire wall between pump compartment and engine
  • Overheat prevention system
  • Mirrors(frame right, cab-left)

M325D MH/ M325D LMH Optional Equipment

STICKS - One of two stick options must be chosen
  • Stick, 6 m (19'7") Material Handling for 14.3 m (47'0") front Stick, 7.42 m (24'3") Material Handling for 15.65 m (51'3") front

  • 1.22 m (48") Liftmaster Magnet for 15.65 m (51'3") front on M325D MH or M325D LMH
  • 1.45 m (57") Liftmaster Magnet for 15.65 m (51'3") front on M325D LMH or 14.3 m (47'0") front on M325D MH
  • 1.68 m (66") Liftmaster Magnet for14.3 m (47'0") front on M325D LMH only

  • 0.57 m3 (0.75 yd3) for use with the 15.65 m (51'3") front on M325D MH 0.76 m3 (1.00 yd3) for use with 15.65 m (51'3") on M325D MH LMH 0.96 m3 (1.25 yd3) for use with the 14.3 m (47'0") front on M325D LMH or M325D MH

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