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Operator Station

Superior comfort to keep you productive throughout the work day.

Vertical Lift Linkage

Built for tough working conditions.

Power Train

Aggressive performance with fuel efficiency.


Exceptional lift, breakout and power to meet your needs.

Work Tools

Do more jobs with one machine with Cat Work Tools.


Simplified service and maintenance save you time and money.

Customer Support

Unmatched support makes the difference.

262C Standard Equipment

  • 12 volt Electrical System
  • 90 ampere Alternator
  • Ignition Key Start/Stop Switch
  • Lights: Gauge backlighting, two rear tail lights, two rear working lights, two adjustable front halogen lights, dome light.
  • Backup Alarm
  • Heavy Duty Battery, 850 CCA

  • Gauges: Fuel level, hour meter
  • Operator Warning System Indicators: Air filter restriction, alternator output, armrest raised/operator out of seat, engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, glow plug activation, hydraulic filter restriction, hydraulic oil temperature, parking brake engaged.
  • Vinyl seat
  • Fold-in Ergonomic Contoured Armrest
  • Control Interlock System, when operator leaves seat or armrest raised: Hydraulic system disables, hydrostatic transmission disables, parking brake engages.
  • ROPS Cab, Open, Tilt Up
  • FOPS, Level I
  • Top and Rear Windows
  • Headliner, Deluxe
  • Floor Mat
  • Interior Rear View Mirror
  • 12 volt Electric Socket
  • Horn

  • Cat C3.4 DIT Tier 3 Compliant Diesel Engine
  • Air Cleaner, Dual Element, Radial Seal
  • SOSSM Sampling Valves, Engine Oil and Hydraulic Oil
  • Filters, Spin-on, Hydraulic
  • Filters, Bayonet-type, Fuel and Water Separator
  • Tilt Up Radiator/Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released, Wet Multi Disc Parking Brake
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Four Wheel Chain Drive

  • Engine Enclosure, Lockable
  • Extended Life Antifreeze, -37° C (-34° F)
  • Machine Tie Down Points (4)
  • Support, Lift Arm
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Radiator, Expansion Bottle
  • Cat ToughGuard™ Hose
  • Auxiliary, Hydraulics, Continuous Flow
  • Heavy Duty, Flat Faced Quick Disconnects
  • Split D-Ring to Route Work Tool Hoses Along Side of Left Lift Arm
  • Electrical Outlet, Beacon
  • Belly Pan Cleanout

  • Hydraulics, Standard or High Flow XPS
  • Quick Coupler, Mechanical or Hydraulic
  • Seat Belt, 50 mm (2 in) or 75 mm (3 in)
  • Comfort Package (must select one of the following):
  • • Open ROPS (C1): Cup Holder, Radio Ready, Suspension Seat (no heater or door)
  • • Enclosed ROPS with Heat (C2): Cup Holder, Radio Ready, Seat (choice of Suspension or Air Ride), Heater and Defroster, Side Windows, Door (either Glass or Polycarbonate)
  • • Enclosed ROPS with A/C (C3): Features of C2 Package plus Air Conditioner
  • Performance Package (must select one of the following):
  • • Performance Package 1: One Speed
  • • Performance Package 2: One Speed, Self Level
  • • Performance Package 3: Two Speed, Self Level
  • • Performance Package 4: Two Speed, Self Level, Ride Control, Advanced Machine Information and Control System (AMICS)

262C Optional Equipment


Beacon, Rotating

Engine Block Heater--120V or 240V

Oil, Hydraulic, Cold Operation

Paint, Custom

Extreme Duty Power Train (XDP)

Work Tool Electrical Control

AM/FM Radio with CD player


An industry-first sealed and pressurized cab, increased rated operating capacity, higher horsepower and superior performance help you get more done and increase your bottom line.


Engine Model Cat® C3.4 DIT Cat® C3.4 DIT Less
Net Flywheel Power 82.0 hp 61.0 kW Less
Gross Power 84.0 hp 63.0 kW Less
Gross Power SAE J1995 84.0 hp 63.0 kW Less
Engine Power ISO 14396 83.0 hp 62.0 kW Less
Net Power EEC 80/1269 83.0 hp 62.0 kW Less
Net Power EEC ISO 9249 83.0 hp 62.0 kW Less
Net Power SAE 1349 82.0 hp 61.0 kW Less
Displacement 201.0 in3 3.3 L Less
Stroke 4.7 in 120.0 mm Less
Bore 3.7 in 94.0 mm Less


Operating Weight 7968.0 lb 3614.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity 2700.0 lb 1225.0 kg Less
Rated Operating Capacity w/Optional Counterweight 2945.0 lb 1336.0 kg Less
Tipping Load 5400.0 lb 2449.0 kg Less
Breakout Force, Tilt Cylinder 7315.0 lb 3318.0 kg Less


Wheelbase 48.8 in 1240.0 mm Less
Length w/Bucket on Ground 145.0 in 3692.0 mm Less
Length w/o Bucket 117.0 in 2979.0 mm Less
Height to Top of Cab 82.8 in 2104.0 mm Less
Vehicle Width over Tires 66.0 in 1676.0 mm Less
Max Overall Height 160.4 in 4075.0 mm Less
Bucket Pin Height at Max Lift 127.0 in 3233.0 mm Less
Bucket Pin Height at Carry Pos. 7.8 in 200.0 mm Less
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 30.7 in 781.0 mm Less
Clearance at Max Lift and Dump 96.4 in 2450.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 8.8 in 225.0 mm Less
Departure Angle 26° 26° Less
Bumper Overhang - Rear Axle 42.8 in 1089.0 mm Less
Maximum Dump Angle 50° 50° Less
Turn Radius from Ctr - Rear 68.1 in 1730.0 mm Less
Turn Radius from Ctr - Coupler 54.6 in 1386.0 mm Less
Turn Radius from Ctr - Bucket 85.3 in 2167.0 mm Less
Max. Reach w/Arms-Parallel 50.5 in 1283.0 mm Less
Rack Back Angle at Max Height 85° 85° Less
Bucket Pin Reach at Max Lift 14.7 in 373.0 mm Less

Hydraulic System

Max. Loader Hydraulic Pressure 4061.0 psi 28000.0 kPa Less
Max. Loader Hydraulic Flow 33.0 gal/min 125.0 L/min Less
Hydraulic Power 42.8 hp 31.9 kW Less
Hydraulic Flow Standard Standard Less
Loader Hydraulic Pressure 3335.0 psi 23000.0 kPa Less
Loader Hydraulic Flow 22.0 gal/min 84.0 L/min Less
Hydraulic Flow High Flow XPS High Flow XPS Less


ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994 SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994 Less
FOPS SAE J1043 SEPT87, ISO 3449:1992 Level I SAE J1043 SEPT87, ISO 3449:1992 Level I Less
FOPS Level II SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449:1992 Level II SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449:1992 Level II Less

Power Train

Travel Speed Forward 7.7 mph 12.5 km/h Less
Travel Speed Reverse 7.7 mph 12.5 km/h Less
Travel Speed Forward - 2-Speed Option 12.0 mph 19.3 km/h Less
Travel Speed Reverse - 2-Speed Option 12.0 mph 19.3 km/h Less
XDP Option Speed (with tires) 6.5 mph 10.4 km/h Less
XDP Option Speed (with VTS tracks) 4.8 mph 7.8 km/h Less

Service Refill Capacities

Chain box, each side 2.6 gal 10.0 L Less
Cooling System 3.7 gal 14.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase 2.6 gal 10.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 26.0 gal 98.0 L Less
Hydraulic System 15.0 gal 57.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 11.0 gal 42.0 L Less
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