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CatTelehandlers offer performance and versatility.


Engine Model Cat® C4.4 DITAAC Cat® C4.4 DITAAC Less
Gross Power 101.0 hp 74.5 kW Less
Maximum Torque - Standard 302.4 lb ft 410.0 N·m Less
Maximum Torque - Optional 365.8 lb ft 496.0 N·m Less
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 4.99 in 127.0 mm Less
Displacement 268.5 in3 4.4 L Less


Operating Weight 15873.26 lb 7200.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Rated Load Capacity 8150.0 lb 3700.0 kg Less
Maximum Lift Height 20.0 ft 6100.0 mm Less
Load at Max Height - No Stabilizers 5500.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Maximum Forward Reach 10.2 ft 3109.0 mm Less
Load at Max Reach - No Stabilizers 3300.0 lb 1500.0 kg Less
Load Placing Height 20.0 ft 6100.0 mm Less
Top Travel Speed 25.0 mph 40.0 km/h Less
Load at Max Height 5500.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Load at Max Reach 3300.0 lb 1500.0 kg Less
Load at Maximum Height 5500.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Load at Maximum Reach 3300.0 lb 1500.0 kg Less


Height 7.6 ft 2323.0 mm Less
Width 7.81 ft 2382.0 mm Less
Wheelbase 9.6 ft 2950.0 mm Less
Length to Fork Face 15.1 ft 4621.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 16.1 in 409.0 mm Less
Turning Radius Over Tires 12.14 ft 3700.0 mm Less
Turning Radius Over Forks 15.3 ft 4670.0 mm Less
Length to Front of Tire 14.0 ft 4253.0 mm Less


Standard 15.5/80-24 16PR 15.5/80-24 16PR Less
Optional Construction 400/80 R24 Power CL, 15.50 x 25 SGL 400/80 R24 Power CL, 15.50 x 25 SGL Less
Optional Agriculture 460/70 R24 XMCL Radial 460/70 R24 XMCL Radial Less

Hydraulic System

Maximum System Pressure 3626.0 psi 250.0 bar Less
Maximum Pump Flow 39.6 gal/min 150.0 L/min Less
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply 15.8 gal/min 60.0 L/min Less
Pump Type Variable displacement axial piston pump Variable displacement axial piston pump Less
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply – Intermittent 21.1 gal/min 80.0 L/min Less
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply – Continuous 15.8 gal/min 60.0 L/min Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 39.6 gal 150.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 23.8 gal 90.0 L Less

Transmission Speeds

Forward – 1 4.3 mph 7.0 km/h Less
Forward – 2 7.45 mph 12.0 km/h Less
Forward – 3 13.0 mph 21.0 km/h Less
Forward – 4 19.8 mph 32.0 km/h Less
Forward – 5 25.0 mph 40.0 km/h Less
Reverse – 1 4.3 mph 7.0 km/h Less
Reverse – 2 7.45 mph 12.0 km/h Less
Reverse – 3 13.0 mph 21.0 km/h Less

Boom Performance

Boom Up 5.0 Seconds 5.0 Seconds Less
Boom Down 4.0 Seconds 4.0 Seconds Less
Tele In 4.5 Seconds 4.5 Seconds Less
Tele Out 5.0 Seconds 5.0 Seconds Less
Crowd Forward (dump) 3.0 Seconds 3.0 Seconds Less
Crowd Backward 3.0 Seconds 3.0 Seconds Less
Combined – Up and Out 8.0 Seconds 8.0 Seconds Less
Combined – Down and In 6.0 Seconds 6.0 Seconds Less
Boom Breakout Force 13830.0 lb 36.0 kN Less
Bucket Breakout Force 12570.0 lb 55.0 kN Less
Drawbar Pull (Basic) 18525.0 lb 82.4 kN Less
Drawbar Pull (Premium) 19513.0 lb 86.8 kN Less


Parking Brake mechanical on front axle mechanical on front axle Less

Operator Station

The operator station provides comfort and protection with convenient, logical controls.

Ease of Operation

Ease of operation was paramount in the design of the new TH406 Telehandler. The single joystick controls are easier for operators to become proficient in its operation.


The TH406 delivers high performance to meet your specific job site needs.

Power Train

The TH406 power train delivers ultimate performance in the toughest of working conditions.


Redefine the traditional role of a Telehandler with the Cat TH406.


Extended service intervals and a reduction in service parts give the Cat TH406 some of the lowest operating costs in the industry.

TH406 Standard Equipment

  • Wear pads, non-metallic
  • Lock valve on hydraulic cylinders
  • Boom angle indicator
  • Single auxiliary to the boom head

  • Alternator, 100-amp for mechanical engines and 120-amp for electronic engines
  • Anti-restart key switch
  • Battery, maintenance-free, 12 volt, 750 CCA with disconnect
  • Horn
  • Alarm, back up
  • Electronic Control Module
  • Power sockets, 12 volt internal and external

  • Canopy, ROPS/FOPS
  • Joystick, single electro-hydraulic controls
  • Adjustable joystick arm rest
  • Low step, grab bars for easy entry
  • Vinyl suspension seat, 2" retractable seat belt with document pouch
  • Steering wheel spinner knob
  • Floor mat
  • Right and left side rear view mirror
  • Service door, cab air intake filter, fuel fill, hydraulic fill, level indicator, fuse panel and washer fill
  • Interactive LCD display for full interaction with main controler. Features displayed include: engine speed, boom angle, machine speed, operation hours, error messages, % of continuous flow selected, gear selected and direction
  • Cup holder
  • Fixed steering column

  • Engine, Caterpillar C4.4 DITAAC, Tier 3- 101 hp
  • Air cleaner, dual element and filter condition indicator
  • Water separator
  • Transmission, Turner 4 forward/3 reverse Powersyncro
  • Direction change, single lever, column mounted
  • Spin-on filters: engine oil filter, hydraulic/transmission filter
  • Carraro axles provide 50 degree steering angle for easier maneuverability.Limited slip differential front axle for added traction.
  • Steering, power assisted, enclosed oil disc brakes, front axle
  • Parking brake, dry disc with transmission disconnect
  • Three steering modes are available: 2-wheel steer, 4-wheel steer, and Crab steer.

  • Chassis, fixed frame
  • Quick Coupler, Manual IT Interface

  • Antifreeze, extended life -37°C (-34°F)

  • Goodyear 15.5-25 SGL

  • Integrated lift and tie down points
  • Built-in start code device
  • Standard Cat color paint
  • Continuous auxiliary hydraulic flow

TH406 Optional Equipment

  • Light packages: boom lights, roading lights, cab lights
  • Dual battery with disconnect
  • Engine heater block, 110V
  • Reversing Fan, hydraulic or clean fix (available only with 100hp engine)
  • Rotating Beacon

  • Enclosed cab with headliner
  • Air conditioning
  • Seats: Cloth, Mechanical Suspension and Cloth, Air Suspension
  • Brick guards - front and top
  • Mirrors - Tow hitch and Tow hitch + Convex
  • Heater with heater lines
  • Sunscreen
  • Wipers - front, rear and roof
  • Seat belt - 3"

  • Engine - C4.4 ACERT, 125hp with 5-speed Powersynco Transmission

  • 15.5-25 Spare SGL Goodyear Tire and Rim
  • Michelin 460/70 R24 XMCL (Ag Tread)
  • Michelin 400/80 R24 Power CL (Construction Tread)
  • Michelin Spare 400/80 R24 Power CL Tire & Rim
  • Michelin Spare 460/70 R24 XMCL Tire and Rim

  • Fenders, set of four
  • Hitch, Retrieval
  • Hitch, Towing - Manual
  • Hitch, Towing - Automatic
  • Hitch, Hydraulic Pick-up
  • Air Filter Pre-Cleaner
  • Fork Stowage Brackets

  • Carriages: standard tilt, side tilt/rotate, wide side tilt/rotate, side shift
  • Forks:Pallet forks, 2" x 6" x 60"Pallet forks, 2.36" x 4" x 48"Block forks, 2" x 2" x 48"
  • Buckets:General Purpose, (1.3 yd3)Light Materials, (2.6 yd3)(3.25 yd3)(3.90 yd3)Multi Purpose, (1.3 yd3)Grapple, (1.1 yd3)Material Handling 1.5 m3 (1.95 yd3)
  • Material Handling Arm, 4,190 lb.
  • Self-tipping Hopper, (1.6 yd3)

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