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The innovative Cat® Rock Flow system is a new technology that radically changes the way in which ore is moved in block caving mines from draw point to crusher. Rock Flow is achieved through continuous caving, removal from the drawpoint and conveying. The Cat® Rock Flow system comprises of several components, all centrally controlled from a remote location: the Rock Feeder RF300 to remove ore from the drawpoint, the Rock Mover RM900 (a newly developed chain conveyor) to feed ore into a crusher and an automation unit to control and smooth the production process.

Rock Feeder (RF300)

Capacity 300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h) 300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h) Less
Dimensions (L × W × H) 4300 × 2000 × 1050 mm (14.1 × 6.6 × 3.4 ft) 4300 × 2000 × 1050 mm (14.1 × 6.6 × 3.4 ft) Less
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Cycle Time 120.0 Seconds 120.0 Seconds Less
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Pressure - Total 903956.0 lb 4021.0 kN Less
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Quantity 4 4 Less
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Stroke 4.4 ft 1350.0 mm Less
Performance 300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h) 300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h) Less
Pushing Cylinders - Pressure - Total 1157092.0 lb 5147.0 kN Less
Pushing Cylinders - Quantity 2 2 Less
Pushing Cylinders - Stroke 2.0 ft 600.0 mm Less
Weight - Pushing Device 6.4 tons 5.8 tonnes Less
Weight - Total RF300 24.3 tons 22.0 tonnes Less

Rock Mover (RM900)

Performance 900 tonnes/h (992 tons/h) 900 tonnes/h (992 tons/h) Less
Drive Power 2 × 75 kW (2 × 102 hp) 2 × 75 kW (2 × 102 hp) Less
Chain Length 512.0 ft 156.0 m Less
Chain Size 42 × 146 mm (1.65 × 5.75 in) 42 × 146 mm (1.65 × 5.75 in) Less
Chain Speed 0.15 m/sec (29.5 fpm) 0.15 m/sec (29.5 fpm) Less
Conveyor Length 252.0 ft 77.0 m Less
Hydraulic Return Unit Option 1: Manually adjustable unpowered Option 1: Manually adjustable unpowered Less
Hydraulic Return Unit Option 2: Fully activated Option 2: Fully activated Less
Pan Length 9.8 ft 3000.0 mm Less
Pan Width 5.9 ft 1800.0 mm Less

Block Caving with Continuous Haulage

Rock Feeder RF300


Rock Mover RM900


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