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Our flexible and maneuverable battery-powered face haulers are designed to maximize the payload capacity in a given seam height. They're equipped with the HiPac 10 VFD Drive System, which increases ground speeds, improves haulage cycle time and delivers more work per battery discharge. Operators are comfortably and safely enclosed in a thick steel envelope with a clear view front and back. Convenient operator's control stick and scoop-type controls enable productivity. And to change directions, operators simply turn their heads.


Operating Height 1.40-2.00 m (55-80 in) 1.40-2.00 m (55-80 in) Less
Max. Carrying Capacity 20 tonnes (22 tons) 10 m3 (344 ft3) 20 tonnes (22 tons) 10 m3 (344 ft3) Less
Power Type Battery Battery Less
Empty Weight 42.5 tons 38.6 tonnes Less
Engine N/A N/A Less
Ground Clearance 305 or 356 mm (12 or 14 in) 305 or 356 mm (12 or 14 in) Less
Load Discharge Time 24.0 Seconds 24.0 Seconds Less
Max. Tram Speed 6.0 mph 9.65 km/h Less
Overall Length (with tailgate) 40.42 ft 12.32 m Less
Overall Width 11.19 ft 3.41 m Less
Power Dual 56 kW (75 hp) AC motors Dual 56 kW (75 hp) AC motors Less
Wheel/Tires 1118 or 1270 mm (44 or 50 in) 1118 or 1270 mm (44 or 50 in) Less

Freedom of Movement

Cableless face haulers have several advantages over cable-driven shuttle cars: They have greater freedom of movement as there are no trailing cables, and travel is not restricted by cable length, typically 200 meters or less.

Packed with Power

Because of their superior productivity and flexibility, Caterpillar has focused on battery- and diesel-powered face haulers.

The Clean Air Act

Cat® battery-powered face haulers do not burden the mine environment with emissions or heat. Due to infinitely variable power control, they are the ideal vehicle for conditions where heat, emissions and noise would impact work and where a flexible vehicle is needed.

State-of-the-Art Drive Technology

Since their introduction, Cat face haulers have led the indus­try with state-of-the-art drive technology. The latest Caterpillar innovation is the HiPAC 10 VFD control system, which drives the motive traction and hydraulic systems, and provides the operator with machine management information.

Ergonomically-designed Cockpits

The operator’s compartment provides a safe and comfortable working environment. Clear lines of sight are provided to the front, back, and sides.

Frame Design

Ruggedness and durability are the key elements in the life of a battery-powered hauler. Through the use of Finite Element Analysis, each Cat frame is de­­signed for maximum strength without adding power-robbing weight.

Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Center Section

Cat face haulers offer the strongest center sections in the market and superior oscillation in tough conditions. The rolling-element oscillation bearing ensures smooth ground-contour following of driven wheels for maximum traction.

Proven Mine Duty Drivetrain

Cat face haulers feature dual 56 kW (75 hp) AC 3 phase motors.

One Powerful Package

The Cat East Penn battery is built for the long run, providing the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

FH120 Standard Equipment

Each design maximizes payloads in a given seam height.

True tracking geometry improves maneuverability and decreases haulage cycle time.

The Cat HiPAC 10 VFD drive system increases empty and loaded ground speed, improving haulage cycle time, delivering more work per battery charge and providing a machine management system.

No trailing cables means unlimited flexibility when traversing the mine and getting to and from the face.

Operators are comfortably and safely enclosed in a thick steel compartment with clear visibility to front and rear.

Face haulers are powered by the East Penn Deka battery which provides the highest level of performance and productivity.

FH120 Optional Equipment


Battery plugs/change cables/receptacles



Controller protective guarding

Pump motor protective guarding

Canopy extension adapters

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