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Net Power 68.0 hp 51.0 kW Less
Gross Power 75.0 hp 56.0 kW Less
ISO 9249 Rating 71.0 hp 53.0 kW Less
EEC 80/1269 Rating 71.0 hp 53.0 kW Less
SAE J1349 Rating 71.0 hp 53.0 kW Less
Model 3044C 3044C Less

Engine Dimensions

Bore 3.7 in 94.0 mm Less
Stroke 4.72 in 120.0 mm Less


Bucket Width 6.17 ft 1870.0 mm Less


Operating Weight 10912.0 lb 4960.0 kg Less

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 5.5 gal 21.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 19.6 gal 74.0 L Less
Hydraulic System 17.5 gal 66.0 L Less
Engine Oil 2.6 gal 10.0 L Less


ROPS meets the following criteria: SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1:1986 meets the following criteria: SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1:1986 Less
FOPS meets the following criteria: SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449:1992 meets the following criteria: SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449:1992 Less
Sound Sound level is below 75 dB(A) Sound level is below 75 dB(A) Less

Operating Specifications

Rated Bucket Capacity 1.04 yd3 0.8 m3 Less
Rated operating load @ full turn, forks 4433.0 lb 2015.0 kg Less
Breakout Force 10340.0 lb 46.0 kN Less
Full turn static tipping load, forks 5500.0 lb 2500.0 kg Less
Rated Operating Load @ Full Turn, Bucket 3333.0 lb 1515.0 kg Less
Hydraulic Lift Capacity 9100.0 lb 41.0 kg Less
Straight Tipping Load, Bucket 7546.0 lb 3430.0 kg Less
Full Turn Static Tipping Load, Bucket 6666.0 lb 3030.0 kg Less
Rackback, Transport Position 53.0 Degrees 53.0 Degrees Less
Dump Height @ Full Lift 7.95 ft 2425.0 mm Less
Reach w/o teeth 2.75 ft 830.0 mm Less
Articulation 40.0 Degrees 40.0 Degrees Less
Oscillation +/- 11.0 Degrees 11.0 Degrees Less


Tread width 4.58 ft 1400.0 mm Less

Power Train, Axles and Brakes

Transmission type Closed-loop, two-speed hydrostatic single-path transmission. Closed-loop, two-speed hydrostatic single-path transmission. Less
Max travel speeds with 12.5-18 tires, forward and reverse, low 4.0 mph 7.0 km/h Less
Max travel speeds, forward and reverse, high 12.0 mph 20.0 km/h Less
Axle and final drives fixed front axle with limited slip differential and planetary ge fixed front axle with limited slip differential and planetary ge Less
Service and parking brake Are combined in a single, dry-disc driveline brake Are combined in a single, dry-disc driveline brake Less
Brake standards Brake meets ISO 3450:1996 Brake meets ISO 3450:1996 Less

Hydraulic System

Pressure Flow @2600 rpm and 70 bar (1000 psi) 15.9 gal/min 60.0 L/min Less
3rd valve flow 17.7 gal/min 68.0 L/min Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lift 4.5 4.5 Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump 1.5 1.5 Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Float 3.2 3.2 Less
Main Relief 3400.0 psi 235.0 bar Less

Max Material Densities

General Purpose bucket - 0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3) 3000.0 lb/yd3 1780.0 kg/m3 Less
Multi Purpose bucket - 0.6 m3 (0.8 y3) 3000.0 lb/yd3 1780.0 kg/m3 Less
Light Material bucket 1.0 m3 (1.3 yd) 1950.0 lb/yd3 1150.0 kg/m3 Less
High Dump bucket - 0.7 m3 (0.8 yd3) 3200.0 lb/yd3 1910.0 kg/m3 Less
Stone Sieve Bucket - 0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3) 3300.0 lb/yd3 1950.0 kg/m3 Less
Side Dump Bucket 3000.0 lb/yd3 1780.0 kg/m3 Less

Operator Station

Ergonomically designed, world class cab offers unmatched comfort and ease of operation.

Power Train

Caterpillar hystat power train delivers aggressive performance and easy operation.

VersaLink Loader Linkage and QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler

Linkage design offers unparalleled versatility and superior performance.


Quick access and superior design features make the 906 Compact Wheel Loader easy to service.

Work Tools

Increase your productivity by performing a variety of jobs with one machine.

Durability and reliability

High quality components and assembly techniques ensure optimum protection and productivity.

Customer Support

Complete services provided by the worlds largest dealer network.

906 Standard Equipment

Air Cleaner, radial seal, with visual indicator

Alternator, 90-amp

Antifreeze, extended life, -35°C (-31° F)

Battery, 12-volt

Bucket level indicator

Cab, ROPS, sound suppressed, pressurized includes:
  • Digital service hour meter
  • Gauges, Fuel Level and hydraulic oil temperature
  • Ground level door releases
  • Heater/Defroster with 11 vents
  • Lockable toolbox
  • Power sockets, auxiliary
  • Radio antenna
  • Right armrest
  • Seatbelt, retractable
  • Warning indicators, for major systems
  • Wet wiper, front and rear
  • Wiring for radio and rotary beacon

Closed circuit breather

Engine hood and side doors, lockable

Front limited slip differential

Hitch, recovery

Hydraulic oil level site gauge

Proportional auxiliary hydraulic circuit

QuickLock Hydraulic Coupler

Remote jump start terminal

Scheduled Oil Sampling, S.O.S ports

906 Optional Equipment

Air conditioning

Alternator, 90-amp

Antifreeze, -50°C (-58°F)

Battery, 12-volt, heavy duty

Cab, comfort, including:
  • Fabric suspension seat
  • Sliding window, left hand side
  • Tilt steering wheel and turning ball

Canopy, ROPS, standard

Creeper control

Custom Color

Eco-drain valves, fuel and hydraulic

Engine block heater, electric

Mud flaps, front

No front fenders

Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit - joystick mounted

Return to dig

Reverse alarm

Service instructions

Tire options (see price list)

Warning beacon

Worklights, two front, two rear - cab mounted

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