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Powerful, responsive and rugged, the 994F sets the standard for high productivity and durability.


Net Power 1463.0 hp 1092.0 kW Less
Engine Model Cat® 3516B HD EUI Cat® 3516B HD EUI Less
Gross Power 1577.0 hp 1176.0 kW Less
Net Power – ISO 9249 1463.0 hp 1092.0 kW Less
Net Power – SAE J1349 1447.0 hp 1180.0 kW Less
Bore 6.7 in 170.0 mm Less
Stroke 8.5 in 215.0 mm Less
Displacement 4875.0 in3 78.0 L Less
Peak Torque @ 1,100 rpm 6289.0 lb ft 8499.0 N·m Less
Torque Rise 32.0 % 32.0 % Less
Rated Speed 1600 RPM 1600 RPM Less
Net Power – EEC 80/1269 1463.0 hp 1092.0 kW Less

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 430858.0 lb 195434.0 kg Less
Rated Payload 38.0 tons 35.0 tonnes Less
Rated Payload – Standard 38.0 tons 35.0 tonnes Less
Rated Payload - High-Lift 35.0 tons 32.0 tonnes Less
Rated Payload – Super High Lift 35.0 tons 32.0 tonnes Less
Bucket Capacity Range 14-36m3 18.5-47yd3 14-36m3 18.5-47yd3 Less
Cat Truck Match – Standard 785C, 789C 785C, 789C Less
Cat Truck Match – High Lift 789C, 793C 789C, 793C Less
Cat Truck Match – Super High Lift 789C, 793C 789C, 793C Less
Articulation Angle 40.0 Degrees 40.0 Degrees Less


Transmission Type Cat planetary power shift Cat planetary power shift Less
Forward 1 4.8 mph 7.7 km/h Less
Forward 2 8.3 mph 13.4 km/h Less
Forward 3 14.0 mph 22.5 km/h Less
Reverse 1 5.3 mph 8.5 km/h Less
Reverse 2 8.2 mph 13.2 km/h Less
Reverse 3 15.4 mph 24.8 km/h Less
Direct Drive – Forward 1 Lock - up disabled Lock - up disabled Less
Direct Drive – Forward 2 8.5 mph 13.7 km/h Less
Direct Drive – Forward 3 14.9 mph 24.0 km/h Less
Direct Drive – Reverse 1 5.3 mph 8.5 km/h Less
Direct Drive – Reverse 2 8.4 mph 13.5 km/h Less
Direct Drive – Reverse 3 16.0 mph 25.6 km/h Less

Hydraulic System – Lift/Tilt

Lift/Tilt System – Circuit Open Open Less
Lift/Tilt System – Pump 3x Piston, fixed displacement 3x Piston, fixed displacement Less
Lift/Tilt – Pump 1x Variable, Piston 1x Variable, Piston Less
Max Flow at 1,710 rpm (3x) 362.0 gal/min 1370.0 L/min Less
Relief Valve Setting – Lift/Tilt 4750.0 psi 32800.0 kPa Less
Cylinders – Lift/Tilt Double-acting Double-acting Less
Lift Cylinder – Bore 13.0 in 318.0 mm Less
Lift Cylinder – Stroke 65.4 in 1660.0 mm Less
Tilt Cylinder – Bore 10.5 in 267.0 mm Less
Tilt Cylinder – Stroke 44.9 in 1140.0 mm Less
Number of Lift/Tilt Pumps 4 4 Less
Number of Lift Cylinders 2 2 Less
Number of Tilt Cylinders 2 2 Less

Hydraulic System – Pilot

Pilot System - Circuit Closed Closed Less
Pilot System - Pump Gear Gear Less
Max Flow at 1710 rpm 40.7 gal/min 154.0 L/min Less
Relief Valve Setting - Pilot 348.0 psi 2400.0 kPa Less
Number of Pilot Pumps 1 1 Less

Hydraulic Cycle Time

Rackback 5.5 Seconds 5.5 Seconds Less
Raise 11.3 Seconds 11.3 Seconds Less
Dump 3.1 Seconds 3.1 Seconds Less
Lower Float Down (Empty) 3.5 Seconds 3.5 Seconds Less
Power Down 6.7 Seconds 6.7 Seconds Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 1013.0 gal 3833.0 L Less
Cooling System 129.0 gal 490.0 L Less
Crankcase 75.5 gal 286.0 L Less
Transmission 92.0 gal 350.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives – Front 164.0 gal 621.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives – Rear 164.0 gal 621.0 L Less
Differential/Final Drives (each) 164.0 gal 621.0 L Less
Hydraulics – Lift/Tilt 103.0 gal 390.0 L Less
Hydraulics – Brake Cooling 9.0 gal 36.0 L Less
Hydraulics – Steering/Brake 55.0 gal 208.0 L Less
Pump Drive – Front 2.0 gal 7.0 L Less
Hydraulic System (including tank) 235.91 gal 893.0 L Less


Height to Top of Exhaust Stacks 22.93 ft 6988.0 mm Less
Height to Top of ROPS/FOPS 22.1 ft 6736.0 mm Less
Height to Top of Hood 15.86 ft 4833.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 2.66 ft 811.0 mm Less
Reach at Max. Lift/Dump - Std 7.58 ft 2309.0 mm Less
Overall Height Bucket Raised - Std 35.87 ft 10933.0 mm Less
Length - Rear Axle to Bumper 14.95 ft 4557.0 mm Less
Wheel Base Length 21.0 ft 6400.0 mm Less
Overall Length - Std 64.06 ft 19526.0 mm Less
Hinge Pin Height at Full Lift - Std 26.76 ft 8157.0 mm Less
Length with Bucket on Ground 664.45 in 16877.0 mm Less


Bucket Capacities 14 - 36m3 18.5 - 47yd3 14 - 36m3 18.5 - 47yd3 Less
Max. Bucket Capacity 47.0 yd3 36.0 m3 Less


Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 26.65 in 677.0 mm Less
Front Fixed Fixed Less
Rear Trunnion Trunnion Less
Oscillation Angle ±10° ±10° Less


Brakes SAE J1473 OCT 90, ISO 3450:1992 SAE J1473 OCT 90, ISO 3450:1992 Less


Air Conditioning . . Less
Cab – ROPS/FOPS SAE J1394, SAE J11040 APR88, ISO 3471-1:1986, ISO 3471:1994 SAE J1394, SAE J11040 APR88, ISO 3471-1:1986, ISO 3471:1994 Less
Sound Performance ISO 6394:1998 ISO 6394:1998 Less
Vibration EC 89/392 EEC EC 89/392 EEC Less

Hydraulic System – Steering

Steering System – Circuit Closed Closed Less
Steering System – Pump Piston, variable displacement Piston, variable displacement Less
Max Flow @ 1,710 rpm (6900 kpa) (2x) 234.0 gal/min 884.0 L/min Less
Relief Valve Setting – Steering 4500.0 psi 3100.0 kPa Less
Number of Steering Pumps 2 2 Less

Power Train

Cat® power train delivers smooth, responsive performance and reliability in tough conditions.


Designed for maximum strength and durability in the harshest operating environments.


Cat hydraulics deliver the power and control needed to keep material moving.

Operator's Station

Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, superior control and high productivity.

VIMS™ Vital Information Management System

Vital machine information at your fingertips.

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools

Cat buckets provide the flexibility to match the machine to the material and conditions.


Less time spent on maintenance means more time on the job.

Customer Support

Caterpillar® dealers have what it takes to keep mining machines productive.

Matched Systems

An efficient loading/hauling system starts with a perfect match.


Caterpillar mining machines and systems are designed with safety as their first priority.

994F Standard Equipment

  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, dual 80 amp
  • Batteries, dry
  • Converter, 10/15 amp, 24V to 12V
  • Lighting system, (halogen, working lights, access and service platform lighting)
  • Starting and charging system, 24V
  • Starter lockout in bumper
  • Transmission lockout in bumper

  • Air conditioner
  • Cab, sound suppressed and pressurized, separate external rollover protective structure (ROPS/FOPS) Radio ready for (entertainment) includes antenna, speakers and converter (12-volt 5-amp) and power port
  • Cab, cleanout hose
  • Cigar lighter, ashtray
  • Coat hook
  • Controls, lift and tilt function
  • Heater, defroster
  • Horn, air
  • Instrumentation, gauges
  • Light, cab, dome
  • Lunchbox, beverage holders
  • Mirrors, rearview (externally mounted)
  • Rimpull Control System
  • Seat, Cat Comfort (cloth), air suspension, six-way adjustable
  • Seat belt, retractable, 76 mm (3 in) wide
  • STIC Control System
  • Tinted glass
  • Trainer seat with lap belt
  • Transmission gear indicator
  • Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
  • Wet-Arm Wipers/Washers (front and rear) Intermittent front and rear wipers

  • Brakes, oil-cooled, multi-disc, service/secondary
  • Driveline parking brake
  • Engine, 3516B HD EUI (SCAC) Diesel, turbocharged/aftercooled
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Ground level engine shutoff
  • Precleaner, engine air intake (above hood)
  • Radiator, Next Generation Modular (NGMR) Power train oil coolers (2) air to oil, (2) water to oil
  • Starting aid, ether, automatic
  • Throttle lock, electronic
  • Torque converter, Impeller Clutch (ICTC) with LUC, Rimpull Control System
  • Transmission, planetary powershift, 3F/3R electronic control

  • Air tank, ECC compliant (EN286)
  • Air line dryer
  • Automatic bucket lift kickout/positioner
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Base machine price includes a rim allowance
  • Blower fan
  • Couplings, Caterpillar O-ring face seals
  • Doors, service access (locking)
  • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, hydraulic tank, steering and brake tank, and brake cooling tank
  • Engine oil change system, high speed, Wiggins
  • Fast fill fuel system (Shaw-Aero)
  • Fuel tank, 4641 L (1,226 gal)
  • Hitch, drawbar with pin
  • Hoses, Caterpillar XT™
  • Hydraulic, steering and brake filtration/screening system
  • Improved Service Center
  • Mufflers (4)
  • Oil sampling valves
  • Premixed 50% concentration of extended life coolant with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F)
  • Rear access to cab and service platform
  • Steering, load sensing
  • Supplemental steering system
  • Vandalism protection caplocks

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