305.5E CR


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The Cat 305.5E CR delivers high performance in a compact radius design to help you work in the tightest applications.


Engine Model Cat® C2.4 Cat® C2.4 Less
Net Power 44.2 mm H2O 32.9 kg/mm Less
Gross Power 45.7 mm H2O 34.1 kg/mm Less


Operating Weight 11618.0 lb 5270.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - With Cab 11938.0 lb 5415.0 kg Less


Maximum Digging Depth - Standard Stick 11.3 ft 3470.0 mm Less
Maximum Reach - Ground Level - Standard Stick 18.5 ft 5630.0 mm Less
Height - Over Cab 8.3 ft 2550.0 mm Less
Maximum Cutting Height - Long Stick 18.3 ft 5590.0 mm Less
Maximum Cutting Height - Standard Stick 17.5 ft 5330.0 mm Less
Maximum Dump Height - Long Stick 13.3 ft 4080.0 mm Less
Maximum Dump Height - Standard Stick 12.6 ft 3820.0 mm Less
Maximum Horizontal Reach - Long Stick 20.3 ft 6170.0 mm Less
Maximum Horizontal Reach - Standard Stick 19.0 ft 5790.0 mm Less
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth - Long Stick 9.0 ft 2730.0 mm Less
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth - Standard Stick 7.7 ft 2330.0 mm Less
Shipping Height 8.3 ft 2550.0 mm Less
Shipping Length 17.5 ft 5330.0 mm Less
Track Shoe Width 1.3 ft 400.0 mm Less
Transport Width 6.5 ft 1980.0 mm Less

Engine Dimensions

Bore 3.4 in 87.0 mm Less
Stroke 4.0 in 102.4 mm Less
Displacement 146.0 in³ 2.4 l Less

Travel System

Maximum Traction Force - High Speed 6025.0 lb 26.8 kN Less
Maximum Traction Force - Low Speed 10745.0 lb 47.8 kN Less
Travel Speed - High 2.8 mile/h 4.6 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Low 1.8 mile/h 2.8 km/h Less

Hydraulic System

Operating Pressure - Equipment 3553.0 psi 245.0 bar Less
Digging Force - Stick - Standard 6500.0 lb 28.9 kN Less
Digging Force - Stick - Long 5575.0 lb 24.8 kN Less
Digging Force - Bucket 11445.0 lb 50.9 kN Less
Operating Pressure - Travel 3553.0 psi 245.0 bar Less
Operating Pressure - Swing 2695.0 psi 185.0 bar Less
Auxiliary Circuit - Primary (245 bar/3,553 psi) 18.5 gal/min 70.0 l/min Less
Auxiliary Circuits - Secondary - At 174 bar 10.0 gal/min 38.0 l/min Less

Swing System

Machine Swing Speed 9.0 r/min 9.0 r/min Less
Boom Swing - Left - Without Stop 80.0 ° 80.0 ° Less
Boom Swing - Left - With Stop 60.0 ° 60.0 ° Less
Boom Swing - Right 50.0 ° 50.0 ° Less


Width 78.0 in 1980.0 mm Less
Height 14.8 in 375.0 mm Less
Dig Depth 21.3 in 540.0 mm Less
Lift Height 16.5 in 420.0 mm Less

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 2.9 gal (US) 11.0 l Less
Engine Oil 2.5 gal (US) 9.5 l Less
Hydraulic Tank 18.0 gal (US) 68.3 l Less
Fuel Tank 16.6 gal (US) 63.0 l Less
Hydraulic System 20.6 gal (US) 78.0 l Less

MSC Comments

MSC Spec Date 3/06 3/06 Less


Operator Station

Operator Station

Operator Station






Compact Radius

Coupler and Work Tool Options

Coupler and Work Tool Options

Coupler and Work Tool Options

Coupler and Work Tool Options

Dozer Blade

Dozer Blade

Dozer Blade





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