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Equipment Maintenence Program

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Regular maintenance is critical to any power generation system — that’s why Finning Power Rental implements an industry leading equipment maintenance program. Our technically trained power systems technicians ensure our rental fleet is reliable and performing at maximum efficiency at all times.

We follow the Caterpillar 5-Star Rental Dealer Maintenance Program, completing daily and scheduled maintenance checklists on each piece of equipment. This equipment maintenance program is second to none with a philosophy of continuous improvement.

We also offer remote monitoring, which allows our technicians, coordinators and rental managers to continuously monitor the health of our equipment. Our customers can also view the status, health and productivity of their equipment to help them optimize their operations and give them peace of mind. As a result, we offer the most trusted, longest lasting power rental equipment on the market.

Maintenance Program Advantages:

  • Custom checklists by model (based on Caterpillar’s operations and maintenance guidelines)
  • Operations checks required on all Finning rental generators while on rent
  • Standard annual servicing of stand by generators with load test
  • Rental return inspections
  • Caterpillar’s most advanced oils, fluids and filtration used in servicing
  • Extended service intervals
  • Gas product maintenance program extended 50 percent beyond Caterpillar’s base maintenance guidelines
  • Continuous fluid monitoring with corrective action, and proactive investigation of problems detected outside strict oil, coolant and fuel guidelines
  • Full Caterpillar service letter execution, and monitoring for safety and product improvement related letters at no charge
  • Piloting advanced shop and in-field maintenance tracking and execution with smart phones or tablets using Caterpillar’s Cat Inspect app for rental generators
  • Equipment updates related to safety and reliability completed at no charge
  • Equipment serviced by qualified, in-house technicians
  • Caterpillar factory replacement parts used in all repairs and maintenance

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