Refurbished Generators

April 29, 2016

Refurbish in common term means “to renew or to restore to a new condition or appearance”. In the power generation world, refurbished equipment has simply reached the point in its operational life that overhaul is more than likely necessary. When a Finning generator is refurbished, its components are inspected using strict Caterpillar re-usability guidelines. Any components failing this criteria is replaced with new or re-manufactured components. Customers using Finning refurbished generator sets can expect the same high standards that they would expect from a new generator.

Components that are typically replaced to ensure that units are esthetically and operationally optimized are:

  • New wiring harness (all engine harnesses & sensors)
  • All belts & hoses
  • Trailer recertification
  • New generator end bearing & housing
  • New convenient panel breakers
  • New paint & decals
  • New batteries



Selecting a refurbished generator package that meets industry standards is a customer’s primary goal. At Finning, we understand that history and documentation is very important when making these decisions. Every Finning owned unit has complete records tracking engine history and maintenance regime ensuring that only the best candidates are selected for refurbishment. Most units selected for the refurbishment program were recently removed from service in prime power applications.

Factory Authorized Technicians

Finning’s Power Systems technicians are authorized and certified to repair and refurbish gen sets. Our technicians have industry specific knowledge and experience with the product. (Caterpillar training, standards, guidelines)

Load testing

Most generators are tested prior to refurbishment and it can be argued that they do not require testing after the refurbishment process but at Finning quality and reliability are paramount. To ensure performance of the genset we use in house industry calibrated load banks and every gen set is load tested to 100% capacity. Testing aids our technicians in diagnosing and addressing any defects within the generator package. Buyers of a Finning refurbished gen set receives a fully tested and proven unit ready to perform.


In some instances during the refurbishment process we will also upgrade some of the components to meet current industry standards. This includes:

  • New 4.2 Cat control systems
  • Positive Air Shut Off
  • Winterization options:
    • Heat Wrapped CCV (crankcase ventilation system)
    • Battery Blankets
    • Larger Jacket Water Heaters
    • Either 5W40 or 0W30 Synthetic Cat oil (region dependent)

New Look

The unit is completely disassembled during the refurbish process and cleaned to eliminate dirt and corrosion. All parts are degreased and sprayed with anti-corrosion primer and given a gloss paint finish that is both esthetic and durable. (Original Caterpillar specifications and paint are used)

Final Step

Upon completion of refurbishment the gen set is load tested to 100% capacity. All processes from auto-start to shutdown are tested to ensure that it is completed and meets industry standards. Finning also records the load test results on each refurbished unit.

Prior to shipment the generator packages are shrink wrapped in protective wrap so whether we ship by road or in a container the generator reaches the customer in a high quality condition.

The Result

The customer is provided a quality refurbished zero hour overhauled generator package with the ability to operate for another full lifecycle.


Any power system product must be reliable which means consistent maintenance and support for the equipment. Finning can provide easy worry free maintenance for refurbished equipment among many other attractive options:

  • Caterpillar 1 year global warranty
  • Caterpillar finance / rent to own options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Customer support agreements
  • Unparalleled parts availability
  • In Stock Refurbished Cat model XQ230 | XQ300 | XQ400 Generator Packages
  • TIER 3 and Urea free

For any further information and for a quote please contact us.