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The Edmonton branch is Finning Power System Rental’s head office. With about 100 employees, our Edmonton power rental facility houses more than 100 megawatts of rental generator power.

We have a state-of-the-art load band test facility on site, so we test all Edmonton rental generators to make sure they meet the highest quality control standards.

Safety is a top priority at Finning Power Rental. Our Edmonton facility is proud to be lost time injury free for nine years and counting!

When you need rental generators, power generators or HVAC solutions in Edmonton, contact Finning Power Rental. Part of the Cat rental network, we provide smart energy solutions. Get the power you need in Edmonton when you need it.

Here are just some of the products and services we offer:

  • 24-7 technical support
  • Certified power systems technicians
  • Rental generators from 20 kW to 2,000 kW (diesel and natural gas)
  • Electrical distribution
  • Rental transformers
  • Rental load banks
  • Rental double-walled fuel tanks
  • Temperature control equipment
  • Rental chillers
  • Rental air conditioners
  • Rental electric heaters


Rental Power & HVAC Sales 

Office: 780-443-7532
Cell: 780-819-0929

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Rental Sales Manager

Office: 780-443-7512
Cell: 780-288-1876

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