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Emergency Power Solution during BC Forest Fires

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This summer was one of the worst wildfire seasons in British Columbia (B.C.) history with nearly 300,000 hectares of forest burned. The cost of B.C. fires this year has been a total of $271 million as of September, as reported by the Global News.

Becky Douglas, Senior Manager – Supply Chain of Fortis B.C. describes this summer as “the worst fire seasons [she has] seen in [her] career and the devastation in many B.C. communities [were] significant”.

They happen all the time. Blackouts, Hurricanes, floods, blizzards, forest fires, earthquakes, disasters of all kinds.

Some natural, some man-made. Some preventable, others unforeseeable. They may not always happen to you in your backyard, but sooner or later you will be affected. How you plan for them can be the difference between a minor inconvenience or a multi-million dollar catastrophe.

One example is the power outages that were caused in the community of Beaverdell due to the massive forest fires. Over 200 people had to evacuate their homes and all of the power lines were burned down. This left the community of Beaverdell in the dark for roughly 3 days.

Finning Cat Power Solution

Finning Power Systems provided a CAT Model XQ2000 2.0MW rental generator set package, complete with transformer, power cables and fuel storage delivering an uninterrupted power supply for the community. The generator ran 24/7 while Fortis B.C. repaired the power lines and restore utility power to the community.

Our Finning emergency and temporary power solution team, led by our outside sales representative, Regan Brown, Finning field service and engineering worked alongside Fortis B.C. to help them reduce lost time and money due to critical systems failure.

Why Choose Finning Cat Power Solution?

Finning Power Systems provides you a first step during an emergency power requirement. We provide business continuity and contingency planning designed specifically for temporary & emergency requirements in the utility, oil & gas, commercial, and industrial markets to bring weatherproof, safe, versatile, economical, code-approved power to your site. Some of the features of our equipment are; sound attenuated, self-contained, and easily transportable. They are designed for quick connection and fast easy service.

This is what Becky Douglas (Supply Chain Senior Manager, Fortis B.C.) had to say in a letter of appreciation to our sales rep Regan Brown.

“I would like to extend thanks to you and your employees who put their best work forward to support Fortis B.C. and the communities we serve during this stressful and potential risky time. Your high quality of work and focus on safety was exemplary, especially given such challenging conditions. The excellent service you provided during the fire season helped us protect our infrastructure and minimize the impacts to our customers and local businesses.

Your company’s prompt problem solving, out-of-the-box thinking, availability to mobilize crews and safety culture were a great help for our company. We are pleased to let you know that no one was injured during the project, damage repaired to date is just under $2 million and power was restored to both the distribution and transmission systems within 15 days. We continue to make repairs to our impacted infrastructure, a process made easier with your exceptional service and support. This is in great part due the assistance of suppliers like you”.

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