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The Finning Power Systems Rental team helped an Edmonton based quality inn hotel through a stressful shutdown, not once but twice!

Providing consistent high quality customer service is the most important aspect of running a successful hotel business. Guests check-in to hotels for relaxation and peace of mind expecting the hotel to provide all amenities. Hotels have around the clock power requirements to run an array of electrical devices. When Quality Inn was advised of an upcoming planned power outage they knew they needed to arrange for quick reliable temporary power to ensure continuous care of their clientele.

The first company to come to Lillian’s mind was Finning Power Systems Rentals. Lillian made the call and was transferred to Power Systems Rentals Sales Representative, Chad Dawe. She explained to Chad that she was unsure of the power requirements to keep the hotel running 24/7 and outlined the entire scenario. After recording and assessing the customer’s requirements Chad provided Ms. Pushor with an innovative solution meeting the hotel’s requisites.

Finning's Power Systems Rental team arranged delivery of a CAT model XQ300 (300kW) diesel powered sound attenuated generator complete with a power distribution package. The Finning team coordinated with the customer to have Finning Power Systems technicians arrive at site to professionally install and commission the installation. The Quality Inn was now equipped with reliable power and the worry had been removed for the duration of the planned electrical work.

Shortly after the first planned power outage, the hotel received notification of another immediate power outage and once again General Manager, Lillian Pushor, reached out to Finning Power Systems knowing that Finning works 24/7. Chad Dawe coordinated with the Finning team to expedite emergency power and deliver it to site within a few hours. Delivering and installing power takes timing and coordination, Rental Coordinator Teena Bull worked with Lillian through the commercial and logistical steps to ensure the project was well planned and executed resulting in a satisfied and confident customer.

Ms. Lillian Pushor, General Manager, with the West Edmonton Quality Inn Hotel had this to say of Finning Power Systems Rentals, “I had the pleasure of working with Chad Dawe with Finning Power Generation on two recent occasions. Chad and the support staff, including Teena, with the Rental Department were extremely professional and made a challenging power outage a great deal less stressful for myself and my guests” In Lillian’s thank you email she also included that, “Chad was knowledgeable and very patient as we went over what was needed for our situation especially when we went from one power outage to two with very little advance warning. Chad was quick to answer my calls, emails, texts and very helpful in finding and arranging for the additional trades people we required to make everything happen without any problems. I would not hesitate to recommend using Finning, their staff or support trades to anyone”

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