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Connect Today. Imagine Tomorrow.

As the world becomes more connected, so do we. Developing technologies that take productivity to new levels and transforming big data into big benefits. Connecting you with digital solutions to solve the challenges of today and innovations to create the opportunities of tomorrow.

How can you increase efficiency on the ground? Simple, you take to the skies. By flying drones over sites we can map out huge areas in minutes. Combining survey data with machine data to maximize productivity.


Buy Parts Online

Buy Parts Online

When you need parts, the one thing you don’t need is a delay. With over 1.4 million genuine Cat® parts at your fingertips, you can find and buy Cat parts fast. On your mobile, tablet and desktop 24/7. The choice is yours. 

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At Finning Digital our goal is to innovate, to help you leverage new technologies (including those below) in new ways, to improve your productivity and performance.   

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SITECH - Construction Technology

Our SITECH team helps you to leverage Trimble’s complete product portfolio of connected site solutions. Find out how you can grow your business with our customizable options.

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Equipment Management

Your equipment works hard for your business. With EMSolutions it can work even harder. Minimising operating costs and maximising performance by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing downtime and extending working life. 

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Finning Digital - A Unique Opportunity and Work Experience

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Finning Digital - Work on the Edge

We’re “on the edge of Finning.” Our innovative operating model creates a start-up mentality, exposing the organization to new technology partners and new ways of working. Find out about a career in Finning Digital. 

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