How does connecting a PL542 help me, my customers and my business?

By connecting you Cat and mixed fleet equipment using a PL542 you will have the information you need to make better decisions, which are likely to result in:

  • A reduction in the total cost of owning and running your equipment
  • A reduction to idle time and the fuel you burn
  • Ability to optimise service interventions.
  • A reduction in the cost of leasing your equipment
  • Preservation of the re-sale value of your equipment

How do I buy a PL542?

You can order a PL542 by calling 0330 123 9211, by visiting your nearest Finning branch, by contacting your Product Support Representative or email us.


What comes in the PL542 box?

Along with your PL542, you will receive safety stickers and additional mounting elements such as tie wraps and adhesive straps and a wiring harness to connect the box to your equipment's service port. If you are looking to connect other equipment manufacturer's products, the harness you require may differ, so please call 0330 123 9211 for advice or buy online at where you can select the relevant PL542 bundle for your equipment depending on its age, make and model.  Install Now.


Is the PL542 for Cat equipment only?

The PL542 was created to be compatible with most brands and models of equipment, allowing you to have your units up and reporting to our web-based management tool, VisionLink.


Does the PL542 have an internal battery?

Yes, it has a rechargeable NiMH battery inside. This battery enables daily message reporting for up to 5 days after connection to the main battery power is lost.


Can I install the PL542 or does it need to be installed by a Finning technician?

The new PL542 is designed to be installed by the user. In order to do so, you need to connect the PL542 to your products service port and attach it to the asset by using either adhesive straps or the tie-wraps. Once installed simply go on line to activate

 It is that simple.


How long does it take to install the PL542?

The installation of the PL542 will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.


Can I install the PL542 anywhere I want on my asset?

The PL542 plugs directly into the products service report via the harness. As with all GPS-based tracking devices, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best location to install the PL542 unit:

  • If a cover is blocking the device, it must be a non-metallic cover.
  • The device must be located more than 200mm (7.87 inches) from the machine operator (FCC regulation).
  • Try to position the device horizontally.


Do I need special cables to connect to equipment made by other manufacturers?

No. The wire harness is all you need. For a list of wire harnesses to fit a variety of machines, visit or ask your Finning representative.


How is the PL542 activated?

Simply visit to activate your device and leave the rest to us!


How does the PL542 communicate data to the monitoring station?

The PL542 uses 3G GSM cellular communications and will use Wi-Fi communication when available. Wifi capabilities are not currently supported but will be in due course. We will advise all of our customers when this becomes available.


Does the PL542 also report to VisionLink?

Yes. The PL542 will report to VisionLink the same as our other connectivity units.


Does the PL542 support condition monitoring/predictive maintenance?

Yes. The PL542 collects information that can be used to perform condition monitoring.  You will get 6 month's free Advanced Condition monitoring with your subscription, or you can choose to buy this for a period of 3 years.


How do I troubleshoot the PL542?

The unit is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. In the rare case when a need for servicing arises, diagnostic and troubleshooting can be done both remotely (by using VisionLink), or locally by connecting a laptop to the PL542.


What support materials are available for the PL542?

A complete set of support materials designed to cover off all aspects of the PL542 is available. Simply contact your Finning Expert.

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