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Varillaje H H Less
Apertura máxima de la mandíbula 155.0 pulg 3937.0 mm Less
Grosor de la plancha de desgaste 1.18 pulg 30.0 mm Less
Dientes de la mandíbula superior 2 2 Less
Dientes de la mandíbula fija 3 3 Less
Anchura de la mandíbula fija 60.5 pulg 1536.7 mm Less
Peso 10600.0 lb 4808.1 kg Less
Acoplamientos compatibles Con pasador o sujetapasador Con pasador o sujetapasador Less
Grosor del revestimiento interior 0.98 pulg 25.0 mm Less
Grosor del revestimiento exterior 0.98 pulg 25.0 mm Less

Durable for Demolition

Strong, durable tools designed for structural demolition, material handling and sorting, loading and unloading rock, scrap, pipe, waste material and other debris.

Versatile Mounting

Operable either as a pin-on attachment or with a pin grabber coupler, without modification.

Optimum Profile

Slightly curved lower jaw design allows for easy loading and more penetration into scrap debris and unrestricted release when unloading.

Armored Frame

The tips, wrappers and wear plates are made of AR400 steel for durability in the most abrasive conditions protecting the base metal of the grapple.

Protecting Your Investment

Long lasting tips means a longer service life without the need for heavier wear materials.

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