Get 0% financing for 24 months on select Cat Attachment purchases.*

We understand attachments can help expand your business and improve productivity. We're built to make those attachments more affordable so you can spend your time where it counts - making money. Are you using the right attachment for your job?

Snag the tools you need, whatever the job. Take advantage of 0% financing for 24 months on select Cat® attachment purchases when you use your Cat Commercial Card. Valid January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019.

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Check out how Malt Ventures Inc. uses their Cat Box Blade to hit grade as quickly and accurately as possible.

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*Interest does not accrue on qualifying purchases made during the promotional period. The cost of borrowing applicable to qualifying purchases made during the promotional period is 0% per annum. The amount of the monthly payments in respect of any qualifying purchases will be split equally to the total qualifying purchase amount (including taxes) divided by 24 months, rounded up to the nearest dollar. If you make other, non-qualifying purchases, have any outstanding balance or late payments on your account, the number of payments advertised may not pay off the balance. For non-qualifying purchases, outstanding balances or late payments, interest will be charged at an interest rate of 13.2% per annum, the cost of borrowing will be 13.2% and the minimum monthly payments will be equal to 1% of the calculated new balance plus the amount of any billed periodic finance charges or $10 whichever is greater, in accordance with the Cat® Commercial Revolving Account Card Agreement, as applicable. The billing period covered by each Account Statement will be approximately 28 to 31 days. A grace period of 25 days applies to non-qualifying purchases when posted to the account.