Notice to Vendors

It has come to our attention that fraudulent RFQs are being sent to certain vendors by unknown third parties who are posing as Finning (Canada), Finning International and its employees. We believe that the perpetrators are using our trade name and mailing address to make the RFQs look legitimate.  

These RFQs have been issued by fax or email with instructions to respond by fax or email to numbers or email addresses that are not owned by Finning.  It is likely these fraudulent RFQs are being used to gather information with the intent to: (i) perpetrate further fraud; and/or (ii) order goods fraudulently as Finning. 

We are taking steps to contain the incidents.  However, we remind our vendors to exercise caution and follow Finning’s established purchasing guidelines. Finning will not be responsible for orders that are not placed following our purchasing guidelines. 

Tips to Identify Fraudulent RFQs

The following are some tips to assist you with identifying fraudulent RFQs:

  • Finning would not ask you to respond to our RFQs by fax only.
  • The letterhead includes CAT Financial, which is a Caterpillar company, not a company owned by Finning. In addition, an Ontario address has been included but Finning does not operate in Ontario.
  • The contact names on the RFQ’s have been from Finning executive members.  Our RFQs would normally include the contact information of one of our procurement employees, not the name or contact information of one of our executives.
  • The RFQs we have seen are for standing orders for stationery supplies or electrical test equipment.
  • Finning’s email addresses will only come from “”, email addresses from any other domain (such as “finning-canada” or “finninginc”) are fraudulent.

What You Can Do

  • Remain Vigilant. We urge you to remain vigilant against fraud, and to regularly review orders that you receive from Finning. If you receive any orders or delivery instructions that fall outside the normal course of dealings with Finning, please contact us as noted below.
  • Careful Review. We encourage you to carefully review the RFQs that you receive from us using the tips we have outlined above.
  • Validate Contact Information. Before responding to an RFQ, we would urge you to verify the contact information set out in the RFQ by checking it against your records or by contacting us.
  • Contact the CAFC. To report fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at or by calling 1-888-495-8501.
  • Be Proactive. We urge you to educate your employees about fraud so that they can assist you with spotting red flags.

For More Information

If you have questions or need additional information about the foregoing, please contact Lis Anderson at or Will McKay at