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Finning's Customer Platform Overview including a short live demo and how Finning customers can register and get their account activated. Finning at your Fingertips April 2022
Finning's Customer Platform Overview.

Finning at your Fingertips. Watch a recording of our 'Ask the Experts' Webinar hosted March 2022 featuring a panel of CUBIQ and experts who shared answers to frequently asked questions and were live to answer your burning questions.
Ask an Expert.

Which color button to login with? The 'Login Special' webinar answers this question, explains why we've provided more than 1 option and addresses the top barriers to successfully logging in and activating your account. Also featured are step-by-step instructions on how you can use your Caterpillar ID to login. Finning at your Fingertips hosted July 2021.
Login Special.

Designed for new and active users, the 'Understand the Data' webinar touches on understanding the data by application. We touch on how you can adjust your view in Asset Monitoring to narrow in on the information that matters most to you and in the Orders app we highlight tips like partial search and what exactly those status' mean.
Understand the Data.

Our Condition Monitoring Manager talks 'All About Service Recommendations' where he highlights the ease in which CUBIQ delivers the right information to the right people at the right time to save you money and reduce unplanned down time. Finning at your Fingertips hosted April 2021.
All About Service Recommendations.

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