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Standard Paving Width 8' - 15' 6" 2.4 - 4.72 m
Max. Paving Width 20' 6" 6.25 m
Screen Weight 6,200 lb 2,812 kg
Length w/o End Gates 56" 1,422 mm
Length w/ End Gates 84" 2,133 mm
Height 75" 1,905 mm
Width w/o End Gates 8' 2.44 m
Width w/ End Gates 8' 8" 2.64 m
Screed Plate Width 24" 610 mm
1" Extension Width 150 lb 68 kg
18" Extension Width 225 lb 102 kg
2" Extension Width 300 lb 136 kg
  • SE10 - 10’ – 19’6” paving width, 26’ max paving width
  • SE8 - 8’ - 15’6” paving width, 20’6” max paving width
  • 4’9” extensions on SE10, 3’9” extensions on SE8
  • 24” wide main screed plate, 9” wide extension screed plate
  • Crown range – -5% to +10% (-1.5” to +3”)
  • Extender slope range – 0 to 9% (0 - 1.1”/ft)
  • Low main frame height improves visibility to feeder chamber
  • Optional 2” screed plate dove tail
  • 675V heating elements for 15 min. heat up time
  • U-shaped heating elements reduce cold spots
  • Main screed element replacement without screed plate removal
  • Zone monitoring allows heating to continue in the event of a temperature sensor failure
  • System monitors elements for failure conditions, eliminating unnecessary replacement
  • In-line extension cylinders reduce wear and eliminate side load on bushings
  • Full wrap around slider bearings with common bushings
  • 3.5” chrome rod sliders on SE10; 2.5” chrome rod sliders on SE8
  • Allows wide-width paving with no deflection of extensions
  • Trailing edge screed plate adjusters help maintain an even plane across the entire width of the screed plate
  • Rear adjusters are easily accessible
  • Simplified screed plate replacement
  • ½” thick Hardox 500 screed plate
  • F-Series controls
  • Water resistant display
  • Backlit touch pad and LCD display for improved visibility
  • Integrated Cat Grade and Slope system
  • Includes integrated and serviceable light bars
  • Monitor screed plate temperature in each section
  • Adjust feeder system ratio control from the screed display
  • 2- speed extender control, variable speed within speed ranges
  • Auger height adjustment
  • Independent reverse/pause capability for augers and conveyors
  • Lockout functions for crown, slope, height, auger height, and tow-point
  • Adjustable control panel mount
  • Pendent control on/off
  • Mainframe extension in/out
  • Extender height
  • Extender slope
  • Screed crown
  • Auger height adjustment
  • Left tow-point height adjustment
  • Selection switch
  • Adjustment dial
    • Mix height (default)
    • Vibratory speed
    • Screed assist
  • LCD display screen unlock
  • Lockout function
  • Crown
  • Slope
  • Height
  • Auger height
  • Tow-points
  • Conveyor pause
  • Left and Right, Conveyor pause
  • Conveyor reverse
  • Conveyor manual override
  • 2-Speed extender control
  • Slow speed reaction for precise control
  • High speed reaction for quick adjustment
  • Auger pause
  • Auger reverse
  • Auger manual override
  • Feeder system manual override
  • Variable speed extender control
  • Tactile feel
  • Right tow-point height adjustment
  • Engine stop
  • Horn
  • Extender in/out
  • Utilizes speed selection on screed panels
  • Feeder system manual (side specific)
  • Feed system pause (side specific)
  • Tow-point raise/lower
  • Berm attachment adjustment
  • 4’ level holders
  • Bolt-on shovel holders
  • Depth rod holder w/ release agent cup
  • Cup holders
  • Locking toolbox and vandal covers
  • 18.5” wide folding walkway extends parallel to the paving surface
  • 12” wide by 29” long folding walkway extensions
  • Operator friendly adjustment handles with spinner knobs
  • Extender height adjustment is performed within the extension
  • Extension angle of attack adjustment located on top, outer edge of extension
  • One wrench pre-strike off adjustment
  • Chain connects inner and outer adjuster of the pre-strike off plate ensuring equal height adjustment across the screed
  • Easily accessible slope stop adjustment
  • High strength chrome rods and bushings maintain tight control and prevent vertical movement of the extensions in wide-width paving applications
  • 1’, 18” and 2’ bolt-on extensions available
  • 12”, 18” and 24”
  • Hydraulically adjustable from 0 to 4”
  • Sealed, flexible guards keep asphalt off hoses and wires
  • Hoses and wiring routed and clamped for protection
  • Sealed Deutsch connectors with numbered and color-coded wiring
  • Serviceable slider bearings
  • Serviceable extender vibrator motor and bearings
  • Drop Arm Spacer
  • Screen Visors
  • Heated End Gates
  • Heated Right Hand Safety Edge End Gate
  • Heated Left Hand Safety Edge End Gate
  • Counterclockwise Thickness Screws
  • Pre-Strike Off Group
  • Berm Prep Group
  • 1’ (0.3 m) Extension w/ Electric Heat
  • 18” (0.45 m) Extension w/ Electric Heat
  • 2’ (0.6 m) Extension w/ Electric Heat
  • 12”/18” Integral Berm Group
  • 12”/18” Tapered Notch Extension w/ Heat
  • 12”/18” Vibratory Sled w/ Heat
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