Conduit Benders

Current tools 77 Bender and shoes 

  • Rugged and dependable electrical system

  • EMT and Rigid shoe groups available (EXTRA)

  • Easy to maintain and service

  • Removable handle to allow for dogleg bends 

  • No PC boards

  • Simple, reliable electrical components


PVC Heaters bender and plugs 

  • ½”- 2”(115V - 1700W - 15A)

  • ½”- 4” (120V - 2300W - 20A)

  • ½”- 6” (230V - 6400W - 28A)

  • Manual operation

  • Highly reflective interior for even heating

  • Plugs reduce heating time by trapping hot air inside PVC conduit

  • Plugs help prevent conduit from collapsing while making the bend


Mechanical/Chicago bender 

  • 751 - Bends 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ RIGID/IMC conduit

  • 753 - Bends 1/2″ to 1″ RIGID/IMC conduit and 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ EMT

  • Heavy Duty, all metal construction for durability

  • Ratchet action for ease in bending


980 Hydraulic Pump

  • Low voltage pendant coupled to solid state motor controls eliminates contact arcing for greater reliability and longer life

  • Automatic or manual ram return selector valve provides more control from the pendant switch

  • Molded enclosure protects pump, motor and circuitry in tough working environment

  • Use with single-hose hydraulic systems with spring-return rams


EMT/Rigid Electric Hydraulic 855 Smart Bender 

  • The 855GX is Greenlee's most advanced programmable bender The 855GX has all the capabilities to accomplish the most complicated bends with ease and speed

  • It can bend 3/4" Rigid (in either the 1" Rigid or 1" EMT shoe grooves) and 1" to 2" Rigid, EMT or IMC conduit with just one shoe featuring smart sensors that know exactly what diameter conduit and type you are going to bend  and automatically factors spring-back for any angle.

  • This bender comes with both a robust pendant controller and a state-of-the-art LCD interface that allows the operator to easily program, save and transfer multiple bends via a USB drive making this unit invaluable on jobs that demand many types and high quantities of bends



880 "- 2" rigid Hydraulic bender  

  • Hydraulic hand pump included

  • Strong, portable pin-assembled aluminum components

  • Easy-to-use ram travel scale and bending charts

  • Conduit supports index to suit all sizes




882 1.25"- 2" EMT Hydraulic bender

  • Hydraulic hand pump include

  • Simple, accurate and easy to use

  • Flip-Top hinged frame top plate opens for easy, fast loading and unloading

  • Ram travel scale and charts for accurate bends, offsets and saddles 




885 1.25"- 4" Rigid Hydraulic bender  

  • Easy-to-use ram travel scale and charts for accurate bends

  • Make elbows, offsets and saddles

  • 885 bend One-Shot 90°s in 1-1/4" - 4" Rigid conduit

  • Optional 1802 Bending Table available for easier operation

  • 980 pump not included 




881 2.5"- 4" EMT/Rigid Hydraulic bender 

  • One bender to bend EMT, IMC and Rigid Conduit Fast and easy setup on the jobsite

  • True One-Shot 90° bends with CT models for quick accurate bends

  • 980 pump included 

  • Bend a 90° elbow in 4" Rigid conduit in 95 seconds

  • Optional 1813 Bending Table and accessories for easier operation