Vibration / Laser Alignment

OneProd Hawk Smart Machinery Analyzer

Hawk is a powerful vibration analysis tool accessible to all mechanics. It offers immediate usability, giving a clear and accurate automatic diagnosis right beside the machine.

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Fluke 810 Vibration Tester

Fluke 810 helps identify and prioritize mechanical problems. Check out how this hand held vibration tester can help make informed maintenance decisions.

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Fluke 805 Vibration Meter

Understand equipment conditions with vibration analysis, hand held vibration test meters and systems for troubleshooting and diagnosing mechanical problems.

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Fixturlaser NXA PRO

The new Fixturlaser NXA Pro will carry you even further away with its new technologies that have been added to the existing ones for giving an instrument highly reliable and unparalleled use.

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Fixturlaser XA PRO

With the introductionof new technology in both hardware and software, this alignment tool took a huge innovative technology leap forward with regardsto its user friendliness and the once so time consuming task of performing shaft alignment.

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Fixturlaser PAT2

With the Fixturlaser PAT you are never in doubt on whether your belt transmissions are aligned or not. By using the groove as reference, you will achieve a precise alignment which reduces belt wear, bearing failures and vibrations.

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