Power Distribution

As you work to get permanent infrastructure in place, our temporary power products keep you up and running. We support the long-standing traditions of quality product and professional services that the Wirtanen brand represents. Wirtanen has been a staple in the industry since 1953 and a leader in temporary power products since 1983. All temporary power equipment available for rent is manufactured in a facility certified to CSA 22.2 electrical enclosures and panelboard standards and maintained to current Canadian electrical code standards.

Name brand tooling and equipment to support contractors and industrial projects. Equipment rentals are available at daily, weekly and monthly rates giving you the flexibility to rent what you need, when you need it.

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Pony Boards / Distribution panels

  • Pony Board 8
  • Pony Board 12
  • Pony Board 24
  • Table C
  • Spider Boxes
  • Oscar Boxes
120/240V Breaker Load Center 120/208V Breaker Load Center
400A I-line Distribution Panel 1200A I-Line Distribution Panel 3000A I-Line Distribution Panel
Breakers Manual Transfer Switch Automatic Transfer Switch 

4 x 100A Splitter 

  • HV4

8 x 60A splitter

  • 8-Pack


4 x 60AS splitter

  • 4-Pack

150KVA trailer Distribution panel

  • 150KVA Dogsled

75KVA trailer Distribution panel

  • 75KVA Dogsled

60A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 60A Disconnect

100A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 100A Disconnect

200A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 200A Disconnect

400A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 400A Disconnect

600A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 600A disconnect

800A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 800A disconnect

1200A Stand Alone Disconnect

  • 1200A disconnect

LV3 - 75KVA Construction power panel

  • LV3 - 75KVA

LV3 - 45KVA  Construction power panel

  • LV3 - 45KVA  LV3

LV1- 15KVA Construction power panel

  • LV1- 15KVA

Mini Power Center Plant power panel

  • Mini Power Center
2000A common Buss