Aluminum Trench Box

The 2AEX Trench Shield is perfectly suited for jobs that are tight on space, and light on machine size. The 2” aluminum extruded panel ensures only the minimum amount of soil required to get the job done, is removed, while still ensuring worker protection.

Exclusively meant to be used with rubber-tired backhoes, the 2AEX trench shield is ideal for municipalities and others performing light duty underground work.


Model Height x Length Pipe Clearance Weight Shield Cap Maximum Depth per Soil Type (ft.)
2AEX-66 6 x 6 ft 30 in 724 lbs 1100 PSF A: 67    B:38   C-60:29   C-80:21
2AEX-68 6 x 8 ft 30 in 906 lbs 936 PSF A: 37    B:21   C-60:17   C-80:12
2AEX-610 6 x 10 ft 30 in 1088 lbs 550 PSF A: 23    B:14   C-60:11   C-80:8
2AEX-612 6 x 12 ft 30 in 1270 lbs 390 PSF A: 15    B:9     C-60:8    C-80:5
2AEX-86 8 x 6 ft 36 in 943 lbs 900 PSF A: 45    B:26   C-60:20   C-80:14
2AEX-88 8 x 8 ft 36 in 1177 lbs 900 PSF A: 34    B:20   C-60:15   C-80:11
2AEX-810 8 x 10 ft 36 in 1412 lbs 550 PSF A: 23    B:14   C-60:11   C-80:8
2AEX-812 8 x 12 ft 36 in 1647 lbs 390 PSF A: 15    B:9     C-60:8    C-80:5

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