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Surecraft Diesel Fuel Additives

Finning Sure-Craft DMAX Plus is for year-round use and is specially formulated to improve diesel fuel quality and maintain optimum engine efficiency. Regular use will eliminate many of the problems caused by impurities in diesel fuels.

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Year-Round Formula


  1. Protects against rust and corrosion by completely dispersing water in diesel fuel.
  2. Keeps injectors clean; helps prevent injector erosion, lowers emissions, and cleans entire fuel system.
  3. Maximizes fuel economy and performance, increases available power under heavy load, decreases maintenance costs, and extends fuel filter life.
  4. Maintains fuel pump warranty.
  5. Reduces fuel injection and pump wear.
  6. Minimizes smoking.
  7. Prevents plunger sticking, spray hole plugging, and fuel leakage past critical valve seat surfaces.


Winter Formula


  1. Maximizes fuel economy and performance.
  2. Improves cold temperature fuel flow; lowers pour point of diesel fuel by up to 30° Fahrenheit (16.7° Celsius) and controls fuel gel.
  3. Disperses moisture, preventing ice formation.
  4. Keeps injectors clean and removes existing deposits.
  5. Improves combustion and cold starting.
  6. Extends fuel filter life.
  7. Works with all diesel fuels.
  8. Prevents plugging by separating gummy deposits.
  9. Improved combustion and lower fuel consumption makes Polar Aid ideal for oil heating equipment.
  10. Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Will not:

  1. Substantially increase the vapor pressure or reduce the flash point of diesel fuel.
  2. Form sludge suspensions with either water or sediment in the fuel.
  3. Change the viscosity of fuel.
  4. Remain permanently blended in the fuel after having been thoroughly mixed.
  5. Change the cloud point of the fuel.


Why Finning Sure-Craft additives are your best buy:

  1. Factory designed and federally approved formula.
  2. Improves performance in any diesel-powered equipment.
  3. Allows you to have control over time and place of use.
  4. Provides the option of diesel fuel supplier.
  5. Regular use supports warranty claims.
  6. Diesel Distribution packaging guarantees fresh, uncontaminated additive every time.



Add to fuel before tank has been filled (to allow for proper mixing). In order to attain a reduced pour point, the product must be added when the fuel temperature is above its could point, approximately 15° Fahrenheit (-9.44° Celsius) or higher. If spilled on painted finish, flush immediately with water and wipe off.



Harmful is swallowed. Vapor harmful. Irritant. Avoid contact with eyes. Use in well-ventilated area. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink one or two glasses of water or milk and contact a physician, poison control center, or hospital emergency room for prompt medical attention. Combustible. Keep away from heat or flame.


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