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Increasing production outputs while controlling costs results in reducing your cost per tonne moved, a critical success metric for Mining and Earthmoving businesses. Finning Performance Solutions can help you assemble a solution that will ensure you get the most out of your site, your operators, and all your assets regardless of manufacturer. ​

Your Finning representative and our solution experts can help you explore various possibilities for you to increase your production levels and control costs.​

Equipment Management Solutions

  • Optimize the performance of each asset throughout every stage of its lifecycle
  • Make Finning a part of your team, freeing up internal resources for other tasks.

As part of our approach, we focus on asset health, by monitoring its performance, planning preventative maintenance and reacting quickly to any repairs required. With expert advice and support from our Finning specialists, you have all the information needed to keep your assets operating at the highest level.

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Productivity Solutions

  • Identify utilization trends and productivity benchmarks
  • Optimize jobsite design, planning and maintenance
  • Guarantee specific production results

With information gathered using technologies from Caterpillar, Trimble and other strategic suppliers,  our utilization reporting and jobsite mapping help to set benchmarks to deliver long-term productivity plans. 

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Safety Solutions

  • Tackle tiredness and fatigue for safer production
  • Avoid accidents and collisions protecting site operatives

Fatigue, distraction and other unsafe actions can have a life-changing impact on individuals and a daily impact on performance. Driving a safety-first culture is all about having the tools to support safe working. Through our expert knowledge and the use of Cat® Safety solutions we help individuals and businesses understand risks and how to take action to mitigate them.

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Enabling Technologies

Cat Link

Cat Link​

Cat Link gathers data generated by your assets and worksites, compiling it into usable information. Delivered through a cloud based interface, the insights gained from using this technology can have immediate benefits: 

  • Linking all types of equipment and assets from different manufacturers
  • Improving utilization by knowing if, when, where and how every asset is being used
  • Providing data to support bids and to schedule projects more accurately
  • Giving you one vision of your entire worksite through an intuitive interface

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Machine Grade Control

Grade Control

Grade Control makes the job of operators at any level easier, by automating machine functions to achieve targets in rough, fine and finish grade

  • Improves the speed and accuracy of achieving grade in fewer passes
  • Increases efficiency by up to 50% when compared to traditional methods
  • Reduces the need for additional engineering support, limiting staff onsite

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Payload Measurement

Payload Measurement

Payload Measurement ensures each material movement is safely optimized by delivering real-time feedback in the cab and eliminating trips to weighbridges though improved operator accuracy and speed

  • Move more material more accurately
  • Reduce cycle times by 10% compared to loading systems with traditional scales
  • Adjust final passes and part loads more efficiently

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Compaction Control

Compaction Control

Compaction Control delivers an accurate view of compaction levels against targets through real-time in-cab displays. This removes the need for additional surveying, whilst helping operators meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly and in fewer passes.

  • Meet compaction specifications in fewer passes
  • Know exactly when and where to work, and when to move on
  • Reduce the need for surveyors onsite while keeping operators informed of coverage and pass counts

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Cat Command

Cat Command

Takes the operator out of the cab, improving safety and operator availability thanks to its remote operation capabilities. Available on selected dozers, wheel loaders and skid steer loading equipment, Command makes operator shift changes simple and effective allowing businesses to:

  • Work wherever is required, and where other machines can’t
  • Centralize experienced operators reducing shift changes and travel times.

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