2337 mm (92 in)

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Designed for rough and finish grading in dirt, gravel, and light dozing.

  • Blade Width 92.0 in 2337.0 mm
  • Width - Fully Angled 81.0 in 2049.0 mm
  • Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center 30 degrees 30 degrees
  • Tilt Angle Range +/- 10 degrees 10 degrees
  • Blade Height 24.0 in 619.0 mm
  • Overall Height 24.0 in 619.0 mm
  • Length 40.0 in 1028.0 mm
  • Weight 1164.0 lb 528.0 kg
  • Cutting Edge Thickness 0.63 in 16.0 mm
  • Required Hydraulics Standard Flow Standard Flow
  • Required Hydraulic Flow 49-125 L/min (13-33 gpm) 49-125 L/min (13-33 gpm)
  • Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 206-311 bar (3000-4500 psi) 206-311 bar (3000-4500 psi)
  • Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler Skid Steer Coupler


Designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel as well as for light dozing.

6-Way Capability

With their 6-way capabilities, dozer blades are better suited for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications than angle blades.

VPAT Design

Track-type tractor variable power angle tilt (VPAT) design with simultaneous tilt and angling capability delivers superior control and maneuverability.

Easy Operation

Operation of Cat® Blade is easy with Cat joystick controls.

Replaceable Cutting Edge

Three-piece, replaceable, bolt-on, hardened cutting edge delivers long life and high performance.

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