Handles both primary steel-frame demolition, or scrap processing with equal ease. Sized to fit mid-sized Cat Excavator, and provide versatile, all-around production.

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Weight - Stick Mount 6604.0 lb 2996.0 kg
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow 10.6 gal/min 40.0 l/min
Tip Force 143.0 Sh Ton 1274.0 kN
Height 60.0 in 1525.0 mm
Jaw Depth 22.0 in 571.0 mm
Apex Force 250.0 Sh Ton 2221.0 kN
Jaw Width - Moving 13.0 in 342.0 mm
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure 5075.0 psi 35000.0 kPa
Width 31.0 in 792.0 mm
Length 125.0 in 3177.0 mm
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Flow 53.0 gal/min 200.0 l/min
Jaw Width - Fixed 12.0 in 304.0 mm
Jaw Opening 21.0 in 528.0 mm
Throat Force 625.0 Sh Ton 5562.0 kN
Weight - Boom Mount 7474.0 lb 3390.0 kg
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure 2031.0 psi 14000.0 kPa
Cycle Time - Close 3 Seconds 3 Seconds

Jaw Design

Unique straight lower jaw design effectively enhances the cutting force by facilitating the spreading out of steel along the length of the jaw, maximizing the shear cutting force.

360-degree Rotation

Operator can spin the jaws 360 degrees in either direction to quickly position the jaws for a cut.

Reversible Knives

The four main, side and front knives are fully reversible with four effective cutting edges.

Easy Maintenance

Large access panels on the top, bottom, and sides of the shear housing make it easier to service inside components.

Protected Cylinder

Design of the shear housing provides full protection of the cylinder throughout the complete cutting cycle.

Completely Cat

Only Caterpillar offers an integrated machine-hydraulics-shear system supported by Caterpillar from front to end, throughout the life of the system.