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The CC24B is a 3 metric ton machine with a 1200 mm (47") front drum and 4 rear wheels.


  • Operating Weight 5380.0 lb 2441.0 null
  • Maximum Weight at Front Drum 2857.0 lb 1296.0 null
  • Maximum Weight at Rear Drum 2524.0 lb 1145.0 null

Operating Specifications

  • Standard Compaction Width 47.0 in 1200.0 mm²
  • Curb Clearance 20.0 in 520.0 mm²
  • Turning Radius - Inside Drum Edge 8.0 ft 2475.0 mm²
  • Ground Clearance 11.0 in 285.0 mm²
  • Static Linear Load 57.0 lb/in 10.2 kg/cm
  • Travel Speed - Maximum 6.5 mile/h 10.5 km/h


  • Gross Power 36.2 mm H2O 27.0 kg/mm
  • Engine Model C1.5 C1.5


  • Overall Length 101.0 in 2575.0 mm²
  • Wheel Base 71.0 in 1800.0 mm²
  • Overall Width 52.0 in 1312.0 mm²
  • Drum Diameter 28.0 in 720.0 mm²
  • Drum Width 47.0 in 1200.0 mm²
  • Maximum Machine Height 106.0 in 2700.0 mm²

Vibratory System

  • Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 7378.0 lb 32.8 kN
  • Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum 3282.0 lb 14.6 kN
  • Frequency 63/55/42 Hz (3,780/3,300/2520 vpm) 63/55/42 Hz (3,780/3,300/2520 vpm)
  • Nominal Amplitude - High 0.021 in 0.525 mm²

Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank Capacity 17.0 gal (US) 63.5 l
  • Water Spray Tank Capacity 52.0 gal (US) 195.0 l

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

Efficient Compaction Performance

Efficient Compaction Performance

Efficient Compaction Performance

Best_In_Class Water Spray System

Best_In_Class Water Spray System

Optimized Power

Optimized Power

Optimized Power

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