Purpose built to excel in forestry applications, the Cat® 320D2 FM features optimized power and systems for peak production. Heavy-duty construction is evident from end-to-end to ensure long-life and operator safety. Maintenance features and Cat dealer support ensure you get the most from your machine investment.

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Engine Model Cat C7.1 Cat C7.1
Net Flywheel Power 149.0 HP 110.0 kW
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm
Stroke 5.31 in 135.0 mm
Displacement 428.0 in³ 7.1 l
Engine Power - ISO 14396 158.0 HP 118.0 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249 149.0 HP 110.0 kW
Emissions The 320D2 FM meets all emission requirement regulations. The 320D2 FM meets all emission requirement regulations.
Note (2) No engine derating required below 3000 m (9,000 ft) altitude. No engine derating required below 3000 m (9,000 ft) altitude.
Note (1) Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler, and alternator. Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler, and alternator.


  • Cat C7.1 delivers exceptional power and fuel efficiency unmatched in the industry.
  • Automatic engine speed control activates during no- or light-load conditions which reducing engine speed and minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Electronic controls govern the fuel injection system, and feature improved filtration, ensuring reliability of fuel injection components. The number of fuel filters is reduced and change Intervals extended to maximize profit.
  • Cat C7.1 offers a completely new and improved cooling system. Standard cooling fan is directly driven from the engine. Optional programmable reversible fan allows for radiator blowout, increases service intervals and optimizes engine operating temperatures. Optimum fan blade pitch is calculated based on the target engine speed, coolant temperature, and hydraulic oil temperature.
  • Forestry designed hydraulics give power, efficiency and controllability unequaled for high performance in all forestry applications.
  • Boom and stick regeneration circuits save energy during boom-down and stick-in operation increasing efficiency, reducing cycle times and pressure loss for higher productivity and increased fuel efficiency.
  • New improved swing drive system provides 20% higher swing torque.
  • Hydraulic system offers precise control reducing operator fatigue.


  • Outer frame utilizes curved side rails, which are di-formed for excellent uniformity and strength.
  • ROPS certified box-section channels improve upper frame rigidity under the cab.
  • Inverted U-channels span the width of the main frame and are formed, rather than fabricated, for superior strength and reduced weight.
  • Boom tower and main rails are constructed of solid, high-tensile strength, steel, and reinforced at boom foot.
  • Swing drive area is reinforced into the main frame rails supporting high stress loads such as those encountered in grapple saw or harvester applications.
  • Advanced, reinforced, purpose-built car body stands up in the toughest forest applications.
  • Upper structure weight and stresses are distributed evenly across the full length of the track roller frame.


  • Workstation is spacious, quiet and comfortable, assuring high productivity.
  • Controls, joysticks and an ergonomically designed seat are strategically placed to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Equipped with warning lamp and buzzer for critical engine oil pressure, coolant temperature and oil temperature. Filters and fluid change intervals are available in the main menu.
  • Multi-Information Display contains information important to the operator and is 40% larger with four times the resolution of the previous model.
  • Comfortable air suspension seat provides a variety of adjustments to suit the operator's size and weight including fore/aft, height settings. Wide adjustable armrests and a retractable seat belt are also included.
  • Joystick controls have low lever effort and are designed to match the operator's natural wrist and arm position. The operator can operate joystick controls with an arm on the armrest and the horizontal and motions reduce operator fatigue. Exclusive proportional control and push buttons are programmable to operator personal preferences, allowing maximum productivity.
  • Consoles feature a simple, functional design reducing operator fatigue, easing switch operation and providing excellent visibility.
  • Forestry cab is designed with heavy-duty guarding, meeting all ROPS/FOPS/OPS requirements.


  • Cat Log Loader is purpose built for forest applications. Straight boom design and matched stick provide optimum reach and lift performance.
  • Grapple Saw and Slasher configurations provide flexibility for processing trees to meet a variety of requirements.
  • Cat GF machines can be equipped with bucket, thumb, stump pullers and clearing grapples to fit a wide range of forest road and site preparation jobs.
  • Can be configured as a Feller Buncher with auxiliary pump, and line groups for hot saw hydraulic requirements.
  • Harvester hydraulic and linkage attachments allow configuring as a harvester or road side processor.


  • Log Loader model comes standard with Heavy-Duty/Long undercarriage using standard 320D2 L Excavator 191 mm (7.5 inch) pitch link assemblies and rolling components. New double saddle mounted Carrier Rollers have been added to increase undercarriage life.
  • Heavy-duty carrier rollers with dual supports assure superior endurance.
  • Heavy-duty track rollers stand up to the toughest forest applications with greater sealability, higher resistance to deformation and greater load carrying capacity.
  • 10% larger bushing diameter extends external bushing wear life.
  • 15% increase in link height increases link wear life.
  • 36% wider bushing strap improves bushing-to-link retention.
  • Engine radiator fan is completely enclosed by fine wire mesh guard, reducing the risk of an accident.


  • Standard full length track shoe support guards help protect rollers and provide increased rigidity to track links in rough underfoot conditions.
  • Purpose-built ROPS/FOPS certified cab for the toughest forestry applications.
  • Windows are made from impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • One fresh air window with screen is standard.
  • Heavy-duty 6mm (0.24 in) access doors are standard on the General Forestry model.
  • HD latches and larger hinge pins keep doors in place.
  • Smooth door profile enhances machine appearance, and sheds debris.


  • The 320D2 FM was made with the service technician in mind. Service locations are easily accessible at ground level allowing quick and efficient maintenance.
  • Air filter features a double-element construction for superior cleaning efficiency. When the air cleaner plugs, a warning is displayed on the monitor screen inside the cab.
  • Service doors on the side and rear allows ground-level access to the pump and, pilot filter, radiator, oil cooler and air-to air aftercooler.
  • Equipped with S•O•S sampling ports and hydraulic test ports for the hydraulic system, engine oil, and for coolant.
  • A test connection for the Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET) service tool is located in the cab.
  • Service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time and increase machine availability.
  • Hydraulic tilting cab and riser provide easy service access beneath cab. Cab can be left in tilted position to make transport easier.

320D2 FM Standard Equipment

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  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.

320D2 FM Optional Equipment

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  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.