C175-20 (60 Hz)

Cat Generator Set Package

  • Cat generator set packages have been fully prototype tested
  • Accepts 100% block load in one step and meets other NFPA 110 loading requirements
  • Conform to ISO 8528-5 steady state and transient response requirements
  • Cat Diesel Engine

  • Reliable, rugged, durable design
  • Field-proven in thousands of applications worldwide
  • Four-stroke-cycle diesel engine combines consistent performance and excellent fuel economy with minimum weight
  • Alternator


  • Superior motor starting capability minimizes need for oversizing alternator
  • Designed to match performance and output characteristics of Cat diesel engines
  • Robust Class H insulation
  • EMCP 4 Control Panel

  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Scalable system to meet a wide range of installation requirement
  • Expansion modules and site-specific programming for specific customer requirements
  • Cooling System

  • Designed to operate in standard ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)
  • Contact your Cat Dealer for specific ambient and altitude capabilities
  • Certifications

  • UL2200 Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • IBC Seismic Certification
  • OSHPD pre-approval
  • One Safe Source

  • Components used in the generator set are selected based on seamless design integration to provide the optimum performance
  • The generator set is fully assembled at a Caterpillar facility following our quality guidelines
  • Each generator set package is tested before leaving the Caterpillar facility
  • Cat product support, including dealer service, parts and warranty covers the entire Cat power system
  • World Wide Product Support

  • Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries
  • Your local Cat dealer provides extensive post-sale support, including maintenance and repair agreements
  • C175-20 (60 Hz) Standard Equipment

    Air Inlet System

    • 4 x Single element air cleaner canisters with service indicator(s).

    Control Panel

    • EMCP 4.2
    • Emergency stop pushbutton
    • 24-volt DC operation
    • Environmental sealed front face.
    • Text alarm / event descriptions.
    • Wall mounted controls:
    • Speed adjust
    • Auto / start / stop Control
    • Engine cool-down timer.
    • Engine cycle crank
    • Alarm acknowledge
    • Lamp test
    • True RMS AC metering, 3-phase, +/-2% accuracy
    • Digital indicators:
    • RPM
    • DC Volts
    • Operating hours
    • oil pressure (psi, kPa or bar)
    • Coolant temperature
    • Volts (L-L & L-N)
    • Frequency (Hz)
    • Amps (per phase & average)
    • Warning / shutdown Indicators:
    • Low oil pressure
    • High Coolant temperature
    • Overspeed
    • Emergency stop
    • Failure to start (overcrank)
    • Low Coolant level
    • 4 programmable relay Inputs
    • 4 programmable relay output

    Cooling System

    • SCAC cooling
    • JW Inlet: 6" ANSI / JW Outlet: 5" Cat Flange
    • AC Inlet: 6" ANSI / AC Outlet: 3-1/2" ANSI
    • Coolant sensors

    Exhaust System

    • Dry exhaust manifold
    • Dual ANSI 18" / DIN 450 flanges. Shipped loose. Support required from installation

    Fuel System

    • Primary fuel filter water / fuel water separator
    • 10 Micron spin on yype
    • Filters x 3
    • Secondary / tertiary fuel filters
    • 4 Micron spin on type
    • Engine mounted filters x 3

    Generators and attachments

    • 3 Phase brushless
    • Salient pole
    • 6 Leads
    • IEC Platinum stator RTDs
    • Voltage regulator:
    • Reactive droop capability
    • 3 Phase voltage sensing
    • RFI suppression
    • Min / max exciter limiter
    • Exciter diode monitor
    • Form wound
    • Permanent magnet
    • NEMA Class H insulation
    • Class H temperature rise at 40C ambient
    • Anti condensation space heater
    • Right side extension box, bottom cable entry

    Governing System

    • ADEM A4
    • Redundant shutdown (Overspeed protection through a duplicate speed sensing system)

    Lube System

    • Lubricating oil
    • Gear type lube oil pump
    • Integral lube oil cooler
    • Oil filter, filler and dipstick
    • Oil drain lines and valve
    • Fumes disposal

    Mounting Systems

    • Rails - Engine / generator
    • Rubber anti-vibration mounts (shipped loose)

    Starting / Charging System

    • Dual 24 volt electric starting motors
    • Batteries and battery rack w/cables
    • Battery disconnect switch


    • Paint - Caterpillar yellow with high gloss black rails
    • Right hand service
    • SAE standard rotation

    C175-20 (60 Hz) Optional Equipment

    Control Panel

    • EMCP 4.3
    • EMCP and MV and HV power connection locations
    • Load share module
    • EMCP voltage and current sensing groups
    • Speed adjust
    • Annunciator modules
    • Customer interface options
    • Generator temperature monitoring
    • E-Stop
    • Interconnect harness
    • Generator Harness
    • Modbus monitoring of packages
    • Vandal proof panel door


    • Anti-condensation heater
    • Internal excitation (IE)
    • Permanent magnet excitation (PMG)
    • Oversize and premium generators

    Power Termination

    • Circuit breakers, UL listed
    • Circuit breakers, IEC compliant

    Air Inlet Systems

    • Single element air cleaner

    Cooling System

    • Package mounted radiators
    • Remote radiators
    • Fuel cooler

    Exhaust System

    • Front housing - Standby or mission critical
    • Front housing - Prime or continuous
    • Exhaust collectors / Manifold
    • Mufflers (15, 25 and 34 dBA silencers)

    Fuel System

    • Primary fuel filter


    • Special paint - 3500
    • Barring groups:
    • Engine barring group
    • Manual
    • Engine Air powered
    • Control GP - Air powered bar group

    Generators and Attachments

    • Medium Voltage - 3000 Frames - 60 Hz, 3 phase, 1800 rpm, FW, PM, No of leads=6, Pitch 0.6667
    • Generator air cleaner
    • Differential current transformers
    • Thermostat for space heater


    • Pyrometer and thermocouples

    Lube System

    • Lube oil heater
    • Drain group oil pans
    • Lubricating oil
    • Electric prelube pumps
    • Oil filters

    Crankcase Systems

    • Explosive relief valves
    • Crankcase ventilation system

    Mounting System

    • Rubber anti-vibration mounts
    • Spring type linear vibration isolators
    • IBC vibration isolators - Shipped loose

    Special Tests / Reports

    • Generator test report
    • PGS test report @ 1.0 power factor
    • PGS test report @ 0.8 power factor
    • Standard genset TVA (Torsional Vibration Analysis) report
    • Custom genset TVA report
    • Special test charge - Engine only
    • Genset fuel consumption test
    • Standard engine test charge

    Starting / Charging System

    • 24 Volt electric starting motors
    • Air starting motor
    • Air pressure regulator
    • Starter location covers
    • 24 Volt battery sets - Dry
    • 20 Amp battery chargers
    • 35 Amp battery chargers
    • 50 Amp battery chargers
    • Charging alternators - Dry
    • Jacket water heaters

    Select Units


    The C175-16 diesel generator sets are made to meet your mission critical, continuous, standby and prime applications, and match your power standards. Producing reliable power from 2500 to 3100 ekW at 60 Hz, each generator set has been designed to meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and to accept 100 percent rated load in one step. Our C175-16 generator sets range from low fuel consumption systems to EPA Stationary Emergency (Tier 2). Leading innovation means some models offer emissions reduced by up to 90 percent — it's technology that has benefits well beyond todays regulations. Seismic certification is also available for select models, maintaining your power after unexpected disturbances. Our integrated control system, including ATS and switchgear, ensures a consistent power supply and connection to your fleet through on-site and remote monitoring options. Our EMCP 4 control panel provides expandable controller options, with management and diagnostic tools, and a user-friendly interface. It's not just quality that matters but customization, choose from a broad range of accessories and bolt-on system expansion attachments. Find flexible packaging to fit unique spatial requirements and environmental conditions. Our C175-16 generator sets are developed for such prerequisites, so that you can meet your specific power needs.

    Generator Set Specifications

    • Minimum Rating 3150 ekW 3150 ekW
    • Maximum Rating 4000 ekW 4000 ekW
    • Emissions/Fuel Strategy Low Fuel Consumption, U.S. EPA Stationary Emergency Use Only Low Fuel Consumption, U.S. EPA Stationary Emergency Use Only
    • Voltage 3300 to 13800 Volts 3300 to 13800 Volts
    • Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz
    • Speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
    • Duty Cycle Standby, Mission Critical, Prime, Continuous Standby, Mission Critical, Prime, Continuous

    Engine Specifications

    • Engine Model C175-20 SCAC, V-20, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel C175-20 SCAC, V-20, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel
    • Bore 6.89 in 175.0 mm
    • Stroke 8.66 in 220.0 mm
    • Displacement 6456.31 in³ 105.8 B
    • Compression Ratio 15:03:01 15:03:01
    • Aspiration Turbo Aftercooled Turbo Aftercooled
    • Fuel System Common Rail Common Rail
    • Governor Type ADEM™ A4 ADEM™ A4

    Generator Set Dimensions

    • Length - Minimum 261.5 in 6642.8 mm
    • Length - Maximum 330.6 in 8397.0 mm
    • Width - Minimum 85.4 in 2170.2 mm
    • Width - Maximum 127.7 in 3244.0 mm
    • Height - Minimum 87.6 in 2224.3 mm
    • Height - Maximum 150.7 in 3827.0 mm
    • Dry Weight - Genset (minimum) 55100.0 lb 25000.0 kg
    • Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 66200.0 lb 30000.0 kg
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