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Caterpillar electric power stands for reliable energy supply. Especially during the energy system transformation, Cat generator sets close the energy gap caused by renewable energy source such as wind and photo voltaic. Short ramp up time, low operating costs and rapid maintenance times ensures a high availability according to the need of our customers. Combined heat / cool and power solutions allow our customers to maximize the efficiency and earnings paired with low emissions. The CM20C 50 and 60 Hz, 6, 8 or 9 cylinder, turbocharged-aftercooled generator set is designed for Ultrafast start time and load acceptance, low fuel and oil consumption requiring low maintenance. With reduced complexity of standard modular design and low space requirements between generator sets allows for easy installation. Producing reliable power from 985 to 1,650 kWe, each generator set has been designed to meet World bank (WB) emission certification stage 2. Wherever power is needed around the globe, Caterpillar is able to support you with the best products and services to maximize your profit.

Generator Set Specifications

  • Minimum Rating 985 kWe 985 kWe
  • Maximum Rating 1650 kWe 1650 kWe
  • Emissions/Fuel Strategy World bank (WB) emission certification stage 1 and 2, Post-emission treatment systems for lower emission requirements available World bank (WB) emission certification stage 1 and 2, Post-emission treatment systems for lower emission requirements available
  • Voltage 3000 to 13800 Volts 3000 to 13800 Volts
  • Frequency At Speed 50 Hz @ 1000 / 60 Hz @ 900 50 Hz @ 1000 / 60 Hz @ 900
  • Duty Cycle Prime, Continuous Prime, Continuous
  • Ready To Accept Loads (Preheated/Vented) 40 s 40 s
  • Normal Ramp Up To 100% Load 75 s 75 s
  • Emergency Ramp Up 10% To 100% Load 25 s 25 s
  • Genset Efficiency Up To 43.10% 43.10%

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Model CM20C, 4-stroke-engine CM20C, 4-stroke-engine
  • Bore 7.87 in 200.0 mm
  • Stroke 11.81 in 300.0 mm
  • Aspiration Turbocharged-aftercooled Turbocharged-aftercooled
  • Engine Rating Range 1020 - 1710 kW 1020 - 1710 kW
  • Configuration 6,8,9 cylinder 6,8,9 cylinder
  • Fuel Type Diesel oil / heavy fuel oil (HFO) / crude oil Diesel oil / heavy fuel oil (HFO) / crude oil
  • Swept Volume 575.0 in³ 9.4 l/cyl
  • Mean Effective Pressure Up To 351.0 psi 24.2 bar
  • Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB I) Up To 0.417 189.0
  • Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB II) Up To 0.417 189.0
  • Specific Lube Oil Consumption 0.001 0.6

Generator Set Dimensions

  • Length - Minimum 239.0 in 6073.0 mm
  • Length - Maximum 281.0 in 7125.0 mm
  • Width - Minimum 66.0 in 1680.0 mm
  • Width - Maximum 71.0 in 1816.0 mm
  • Height - Minimum 112.0 in 2833.0 mm
  • Height - Maximum 119.0 in 3010.0 mm
  • Dry Weight - Genset (minimum) 41447.0 lb 18.8 ton (US)
  • Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 66139.0 lb 30.0 ton (US)

Reliable Operation

  • Intensive cooling of key components including exhaust valve seats, injector cooling integrated into lube oil system
  • Reliable, proven and high efficient single turbo charging system
  • Classification society standards ensure high safety and quality
  • Intelligent simplicity ensures a robust engine platform
  • Optimized service schedules enable high availability and long durability
  • Control & Monitoring

  • Ultrafast start time and load acceptance
  • No engine start limitations
  • Continuous power (base and peak load), prime power, stand-by
  • Part load with high efficiency
  • Monitoring for unattended operation
  • Asset intelligence system
  • Ease Of Installation

  • Reduced complexity of standard modular design allows an easy installation
  • Low space requirements between the gensets
  • Genset is ready for installation
  • Generator set designed for direct elastic mounting
  • Ease Of Operation

  • Low fuel and oil consumption
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Operator and maintenance training courses available
  • Intelligent Simplicity

  • High reliability, modular design and integral construction reduce the number of components by 40% over conventional designs e.g.:
    - Dry engine block with integrated ducts for lubricating oil and charge air and underslung crankshaft
    - Compact cylinder head design
  • Smart maintenance solutions:
    - Easily removable cylinder heads, quick removable fluid connections
    - Split connecting rods to allow fast and easy piston removal without disturbing the big end bearing
    - Segmental camshaft design
    - Simplified parts spectrum by using single-pipe exhaust gas
    - Engine block free from cooling water
  • State-of-art material ensures long life time
  • Ease Of Maintenance

  • Smart maintenance solutions allow an easy component accessibility
  • Large inspection openings afford an easy serviceability to core engine internals
  • Core engine components designed for reconditioning and reuse
  • Short maintenance times enable high availability
  • No engine removal necessary for maintenance and overhauls
  • Fuel

  • Liquid: Light fuel oil (LFO), crude oil and heavy fuel oil (HFO) with fuel quality up to 700 cSt/50°C according to CIMAC H55/K55
  • Dual:
    - Light fuel oil (LFO), crude oil and heavy fuel oil (HFO) with fuel quality up to 700 cSt/50°C according to CIMAC H55/K55
    - Natural gas with methane number > 80 and lower heating value of 28MJ/Nm3
  • Gaseous: Natural gas with methane number > 80 and lower heating value of 31.5 MJ/Nm3
  • Emissions

  • World bank emission certification (Stage 2)
  • Technische Anleitung (TA) Luft (only gas)
  • Post-emission treatment systems for lower emission requirements available
  • Expertise & Experience

  • Assistance for planning - delivery - commissioning - operation and service)
  • Expertise and experience for solutions to maximize benefits, e.g. combine heat and power systems (CHP)
  • World Wide Product Support

  • With nearly 200 Cat dealers we are at home around the globe
  • Factory-trained technicians, original parts and support are never out of reach
  • Long term service agreements offer back-to-back services from preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance to full operation and maintenance of your asset
  • CM20C Standard Equipment

    Fuel System

    • Circulation module
    • Pre-pressure module
    • Separator module
    • Engine ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
    • Gas valve unit (GVU) (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
    • Ignition fuel oil module (only dual fuel (DF))

    Lubricating Oil System

    • Combined module: cooling water system and lube oil system
    • Lube oil separator module
    • Piping interface module

    Cooling Water System

    • Combined module: see lube oil system
    • Cooling water system with radiators
    • Piping interface module

    Starting System

    • Starting air compressor module
    • Starting air receiver module

    Combustion Air System

    • Air filter - pocket
    • Air filter - oil bath
    • Air filter - pulse

    Exhaust System

    • Exhaust gas silencer
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system
    • Oxidation catalytic (Oxicat) converter system
    • Exhaust gas ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)

    Control & Monitoring System

    • Local control panel (LCP)
    • Local data panel (LDP) / generator control panel (GCP)
    • Motor control center module (MCC)
    • Engine monitoring package
    • Gas leak detection per cylinder (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)

    Mounting System

    • Elastic mounting - genset/engine

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