The Cat® BDP 250 inverter provides reliable control of the Energy Storage System (ESS). Integrated controls provide complete control of the charge and discharge of the ESS.

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Technical Summary
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Application Compatible with virtually any power source Compatible with virtually any power source
Module Type Bi-directional Power Inverter Bi-directional Power Inverter
Rated Power 312.5 kVA (312.5 kW @ 1.0 PF) 312.5 kVA (312.5 kW @ 1.0 PF)

Higher Efficiency

  • Greater than > 96.5% peak efficiency (excluding isolation transformer)

Energy Storage Management

  • Intelligent controls for the charging and discharging of the energy storage equipment.
  • Static var compensator full four-quadrant output power factor control.
  • Plug-and-play paralleling with other power sources.
  • Multiple - BDP's may beused in parallel to increase total output.

Grid Support

  • Frequency Ride-through (± 5 Hz)
  • Low Voltage Ride-through (20% voltage dip and up to
    200 kVar)
  • High Voltage Ride-through (10%)
  • Zero Voltage (fault) Ride-through

Fuel Consumption

  • Integrated control of generating system which
    minimizes fuel consumption and emissions.

Energy Storage Inverter BDP250 Standard Equipment

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  • Color HMI touchscreen