Cat Paralleling Switchgear is the perfect complement for the control and distribution of your emergency power. Modular and Customizable, it can be designed with protection and control architecture.

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Cat Switchgear

  • Independently certified to meet IEC 61439-2:2011 BS & international standard.
  • Standard ACB breaker range 1600A - 4000A CE & EAC marked.
  • Standard breaker fault rating 65 kA Icc, option for 100kA Icc ABB Emax 2 E4.
  • Certified assembly high fault rating, tested up to 100 kA / 1s ICW
  • Certified standard temperature rise tested.
  • Design verification to Annex D of IEC 61439-2:2011
  • Smaller footprint matched to the generator packaged design.
  • Innovative cableway management.
  • Modularity:
  • Built around 150mm modules in 3 axis.
  • Framework utilises a 25mm grid allowing a fully configurable system.
  • Easy to extend and upgrade.
  • Copper HDHC:
  • Standard 10mm copper with 10mm spacing improves heat rejection.
  •     Stainless steel mounted busbar supports, reduce eddy currents.
  • Fully tinned option.
  • Breaker options:
  • Accommodates fixed or withdrawable breakers.
  • 3 or 4 pole option.
  • Manual or motorized option.
  • ACB door selection option.
  • Enclosure options: o    Options up to Form 4b separation.
  • Configurable for top or bottom entry.
  • Swivel lifting eye (4 point lift) for single sections.
  • IP54 protection option.
  • 50 °C option.
  • Option to include generator controllers or PLC.
  • EPD white powder coated, option for custom colours.
  • In house automated routine testing.
  • Rating plate.
  • Cat warranty.