Driven by upcoming fuel sulfur and NOx regulations in Emission Control Areas (ECA), the M 34 DF provides full flexibility for vessels operating in regulated and/or lesser regulated areas without major changes to the engine room or the exhaust gas system supporting installation and certification simplicity. The M 34 DF will be capable of running on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative to expensive low sulfur Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) or large and complex scrubber installations for ECA operation as of 2015. High efficiency and proven reliability make the M 34 DF an excellent propulsion engine for operation in- and outside of environmental protected areas as well as waters with HFO limitations.

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Power Rating
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Power Range 3060-4770 bkW 3060-4770 bkW

Option to avoid expensive low sulfur MDO for ECA operation

Alternative to scrubber installation

Minimal impact on engine and exhaust systems dimensions

Low operational costs

Reduced particle emissions

Built-in fuel redundancy

M 34 DF Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air intake silencer / filter

M 34 DF Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air inlet shut-off valve
  • Air intake transition piece
  • Expansion joint
  • Silencer / filter