Caterpillar Motoren designed the M 32 E based on the reliable M 32 C engine series. The M 32 E will share the same footprint as the successful M 32 C. The M 32 E is the first MaK 5 MW engine in the 320 mm bore segment. The new design still supports operation at any ambient condition without load reduction.

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Power Rating
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Power Range 3300 - 4950 kW 3300 - 4950 kW


For IMO III emissions the MaK M 32 E is delivered with a Scheme A factory certified SCR solution and a factory EIAPP certificate, simplifying installation and commissiong work significantly. Caterpillar's SCR technology minimizes total cost of ownership by cutting the diesel and urea expenses by offering the lowest total fluid consumption at optimized engine and SCR life time.

Nodular cast-iron engine block with integrated ducts for lubricating oil and charge air.

Installation friendly, due to pumps and filters installed on the engine

M 32 E as a generator drive

The robust design and moderate speed permits unlimited, continuous operation with heavy fuel oil. Engine and electrics are tested prior to delivery.

M 32 E Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air intake silencer/filter

M 32 E Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air inlet shut-off valve
  • Air inlet transition piece
  • Expansion joint
  • Silencer/filter