The VM 32 E is available as a generator set with a new “flexibly-mounted engine on base frame” design and a wet oil sump solution with a resilient mounting for generator set applications without base frame. In this design, the engine is resiliently mounted on the base frame with conical mounts. The base frame itself is reduced in weight and height to make transport and handling during the installation phase easier. Last but not least, the ship's weight and design will benefit from the lower weight and the smaller dimensions for its entire lifetime, especially on smaller ship applications. The generator is mounted on non-resilient adjustable spacers, which is the most economical way to establish a perfect mounting plane and allows an easy realignment of the generator. As the wet oil sump, the reduced vibration levels will help the crew sleep well during their off shift while the engine is running.

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Generator Set Specifications
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Minimum Rating 6099 kWe (7632 kVA) 6099 kWe (7632 kVA)
Maximum Rating 8593 kWe (10752 kVA) 8593 kWe (10752 kVA)
Emissions/Fuel Strategy IMO II IMO II

Ease of installation

Part load optimization kit (PLK) for constant speed available.

Flexible Camshaft Technology (FCT) allows lower SFOC at part load area.

Technically lower risk – application of existing technology

VM 32 E Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air intake silencer / filter

VM 32 E Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
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  • Air inlet shut-off valve
  • Air intake transition piece
  • Expansion joint
  • Silencer / filter